Amelia Earhart: THE LOST STAR: Was Amelia Earhart Killed Because She Stumbled Upon An Illegal Operation Run By American And Japanese Officials?

Amelia Earhart: THE LOST STAR: Was Amelia Earhart Killed Because She Stumbled Upon An Illegal Operation Run By American And Japanese Officials?


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Amelia Earhart: THE LOST STAR: Was Amelia Earhart Killed Because She Stumbled Upon An Illegal Operation Run By American And Japanese Officials? by Mike Harris

When Amelia Earhart attempted to fly around-the-world in 1937, she was shot down by the Japanese at Jaluit Atoll. Unknown to Amelia at the time, two Japanese and one American had a company on Jaluit and were involved in illegally trading commodities before the war, during and after the war.
While being held in a Japanese prison, Amelia recognized the American as someone she had met previously in Washington, D.C., when she was at a social function hosted by President Roosevelt.
When the American realizes that she knows him, he shoots her straight in the chest and she is buried under a breadfruit tree.
Years later the two Japanese are very wealthy and very successful businessmen. The American is also wealthy and a respected United States Senator.
In the 1980's, Jared Stone is doing research work in the Marshall Islands, trying to find out why a large area of corals has died. He discovers 100's of rusted 55-gallons drums on the ocean floor leaking a toxic substance, which has caused the large area of corals to die.
While he's taking samples of the toxic substance, he accidentally finds a twin-engine aircraft that's been in the water for years, takes his dive knife and pries loose an I.D. Plate that gives the number of the plane and the name Lockheed as the manufacturer.
When he gets back to the States he wants to have the I.D. Plate traced, so he can see whom the plane belonged to. Lockheed suggests he go to Navy Intelligence in San Francisco and that's when Jared's trouble starts!
Someone at the government agency alerts the U.S. Senator that Amelia's plane has been found at Jaluit. The Senator gets in touch with his two former Japanese partners and the three of them immediately start plotting to have Jarid Killed.
It also turns out the three men are Trained Samaurai Warriors. One Japanese man likes to use a spinning 5-pointed star to do his killing. The second Japanese man likes the razor-sharp garrote and the American's favorite weapon is a Japanese ceremonial sword.
When the three men find out that Jared has not only found Amelia Earhart's plane, he has also found her grave and recovered the bullet that killed her, they double their efforts to have him killed.
What they don't know is that Jared has also found a small, rusted lip stick cylinder at her grave site and in the small container, is a small note that Amelia wrote that identifies the American as the person who killed her!
The three men know that if Jared's information is ever made public, everything they have worked for their entire lives will be ruined.
So they attempt to kill him multiple ways.
Amelia Earhart is an interesting story about how Jared Stone accidentally found Amelia's plane, how he discovered her grave, found the bullet that killed her and found how to prove that the U.S. Senator was the person who actually killed Amelia Earhart back in 1937.

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Publication date: 04/17/2017
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About the Author

Mike Harris is an accomplished writer, explorer and film producer who has led major expeditions around the world.
On Mike's first expedition in 1971 he led a group of professional divers and film-makers to Bikini Atoll in the Marshall islands and dove on American, German and Japanese warships that were sunk by atom bomb testing after WWII. The film he produced "Deadly Fathoms" featured famed 'Twilight Zone' producer, Rod Serling, and won a 'Silver Medal' at the Atlanta International Film Festival.
During Mike's second expedition he took a group of mountain climbers and Biblical Scholars up the slope of Mt. Ararat in Eastern Turkey to locate Noah's Ark. His film "Expedition to Noah's Ark" featured acclaimed Hollywood actor, Joseph Cotten, as his on-camera host and narrator.
Mike's third expedition found him with a group of treasure hunters in Mexico. His film "Pancho Villa's Treasure" featured TV celebrity, Cesar Romero, as his on-camera host and narrator.
Then in 1980 Mike organized a group of marine scientists and oceanographers and led them on the first-ever search for the Titanic in the North Atlantic. His film "Search for the Titanic" featured legendary actor, Orson Welles, as his on-camera host and narrator.
On Mike's second Titanic expedition he produced "Return to the Titanic" which featured TV star James 'The Virginian' Drury. Jim actually joined Mike on his second historic Titanic expedition.
Mike has also conducted extensive research on what happened to Amelia Earhart when she disappeared on her around-the-world flight in 1937. Eye-witnesses he has filmed have said she was shot down off Mili Atoll, captured by the Japanese, taken to Jaluit Atoll, Kwajalein and Saipan, where she was put into prison and eventually killed.
Mike is a member of The Explorer's Club of New York and a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society in London. He's also been listed in 'Who's Who in America since 2000.

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