Amen! A Gospel Celebration

Amen! A Gospel Celebration

by Erich Kunzel


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Release Date: 08/24/1993
Label: Telarc
UPC: 0089408031526
catalogNumber: 80315
Rank: 271198

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Erich Kunzel   Primary Artist,Conductor,Track Performer
Maureen McGovern   Vocals,Background Vocals
Jennifer Holliday   Vocals,Track Performer
Lou Rawls   Vocals,Track Performer
Mark Lewis   Bass (Vocal)
Michael Hall   Bass (Vocal)
Gary Smith   Bass (Vocal)
Cincinnati Pops Chorus   Vocals
Paul Davidson   Bass (Vocal)
Anthony (Tony) Fisher   Tenor (Vocal)
Larry Harris   Bass (Vocal)
John Jones   Bass (Vocal)
Rick Marcus   Tenor (Vocal)
Jason Moore   Tenor (Vocal)
Randy Nichols   Bass (Vocal)
Jeff Peterson   Baritone (Vocal)
Brian Thompson   Tenor (Vocal)
Kevin Williams   Bass (Vocal)
John Willis   Bass (Vocal)
Valerie Wilson   Alto (Vocal)
Jimmy "Z" Zavala   Tenor (Vocal)
James Humphreys   Bass (Vocal)
Brett Smith   Tenor (Vocal)
Angela Bayless   Alto (Vocal)
Keith Berglund   Tenor (Vocal)
Michele Bisbee   Soprano (Vocal)
Stephoanie Bloemhof   Soprano (Vocal)
Timothy Breithaupt   Baritone (Vocal)
Aimee Buchholz   Alto (Vocal)
Chad Bull   Bass (Vocal)
Joel Byford   Baritone (Vocal)
Tom Chung   Baritone (Vocal)
Stephanie Clausell   Alto (Vocal)
Timothy Craft   Tenor (Vocal)
Patricia Danndnbring   Soprano (Vocal)
Melanie Debake   Soprano (Vocal)
Priscilla C. Devaney   Alto (Vocal)
Stacey Dorsey   Alto (Vocal)
Jon Doty   Baritone (Vocal)
Nancy Douma   Soprano (Vocal)
Kin Engstrom   Soprano (Vocal)
Camille Gerards   Soprano (Vocal)
Rob Hedges   Tenor (Vocal)
Rob Hodo   Tenor (Vocal)
Polly Hooker   Alto (Vocal)
Keren Husman   Alto (Vocal)
Felicia Jaime   Soprano (Vocal)
Jenny Lamirand   Alto (Vocal)
Elizabeth Langley   Soprano (Vocal)
Paul Latham   Bass (Vocal)
Scott Leggett   Bass (Vocal)
Kimberly Lingo   Soprano (Vocal)
David Loucks   Baritone (Vocal)
George Matamala   Tenor (Vocal)
Bruce Materazzi   Bass (Vocal)
Susie McMurtry   Soprano (Vocal)
Mark McNall   Bass (Vocal)
Cheryl Mundy   Soprano (Vocal)
Lisa Muratore   Soprano (Vocal)
Amy Muus   Soprano (Vocal)
H. Scott Nesbitt   Tenor (Vocal)
Kalyn Pascoe   Alto (Vocal)
Akima M. Pressley   Alto (Vocal)
Jim Racster   Baritone (Vocal)
Felicita Rader   Alto (Vocal)
Cindy Risinger   Alto (Vocal)
Zanetta Ruffin   Tenor (Vocal)
Suzie Salar-Behzadi   Soprano (Vocal)
Carolyn Schultz   Soprano (Vocal)
Antwoine Shackleford   Tenor (Vocal)
Sally Sherrow   Alto (Vocal)
Jennifer Smitherman   Alto (Vocal)
Jed Stugart   Tenor (Vocal)
Jennifer Syker   Alto (Vocal)
Emily Vanderstoep   Alto (Vocal)
Samuel Vawters   Bass (Vocal)
Greg Snider   Baritone (Vocal)
Krista Spence   Alto (Vocal)
Selena Spicer   Alto (Vocal)
Derek Stokes   Bass (Vocal)
Joyce Sun   Alto (Vocal)
Elisa Tansey   Alto (Vocal)
Mark Telge   Tenor (Vocal)
Mike Todd   Tenor (Vocal)
Mose Tucker   Tenor (Vocal)
Tracie Turner   Soprano (Vocal)
Ted Tyman   Tenor (Vocal)
Andy Tyrell   Bass (Vocal)
Lauea Vartgess   Alto (Vocal)
Amy Vella   Alto (Vocal)
Rose L. Warner   Soprano (Vocal)
Phil Watson   Bass (Vocal)
Dave Weidle   Tenor (Vocal)
Charles K. Wells   Tenor (Vocal)
Kimberly White   Soprano (Vocal)
Stacie White   Alto (Vocal)
Chantelle Williams   Alto (Vocal)
Russ Williams   Tenor (Vocal)
Lori Wolery   Alto (Vocal)
Jerome Alexander   Bass (Vocal)
Beckie Anderson   Alto (Vocal)
Valerie Anderson   Alto (Vocal)
Regina Martin   Soprano (Vocal)
Lynette Hawkins Dixon   Alto (Vocal)
Anita Castelberry   Soprano (Vocal)
Angela L. Dillard   Alto (Vocal)
Adams Evans   Tenor (Vocal)
Andy Harding   Baritone (Vocal)
Allison Mirich   Soprano (Vocal)
Ali Morey   Alto (Vocal)
Anthony Newton   Bass (Vocal)
DeAndria Foster   Alto (Vocal)
Eric Holt   Tenor (Vocal)
Greg Brown   Tenor (Vocal)
Christopher Irby   Tenor (Vocal)
Christi Jacobs   Alto (Vocal)
Gary Smith   Bass (Vocal)
Michelle Marks   Soprano (Vocal)
Joy Nichols   Alto (Vocal)
Shane McConnell   Tenor (Vocal)
David Burke   Bass (Vocal)
Todd Gardner   Tenor (Vocal)
Azusa Pacific University Choir   Vocals,Track Performer
Central State University Choir   Vocals,Track Performer
Rick Davis   Tenor (Vocal)
Phillip Armstrong   Tenor (Vocal)
Teressa Ames   Soprano (Vocal)
Danny Andeel   Bass (Vocal)
Lugene Bailey   Alto (Vocal)
Shannon Barnes   Tenor (Vocal)
Kesha Baxter   Alto (Vocal)
Christine Block   Alto (Vocal)
Irene Bogris   Alto (Vocal)
Brian Britvec   Bass (Vocal)
Beth Brokkaw   Alto (Vocal)
Lonia Brown   Alto (Vocal)
Desiree Bryner   Alto (Vocal)
Janet Burnett   Soprano (Vocal)
Tunisia Burt   Alto (Vocal)
Deana Butler   Vocals,Soprano (Vocal)
Mona Burts   Tenor (Vocal)
Kraig Butler   Bass (Vocal)
Veronica M. Calloway   Alto (Vocal)
Kellie Carter   Soprano (Vocal)
Samuel Cawters   Bass (Vocal)
Dana Chambers   Tenor (Vocal)
Dava Chambers   Tenor (Vocal)
Marco Chambers   Bass (Vocal)
Natasha K. Chandler   Soprano (Vocal)
Melissa Clement   Alto (Vocal)
Deb Clements   Soprano (Vocal)
Christine Clock   Alto (Vocal)
Joyce Coleman   Alto (Vocal)
Greg Cooke   Baritone (Vocal)
Bruce Covington   Bass (Vocal)
Jennifer Cowan   Soprano (Vocal)
Ian Cox   Bass (Vocal)
Keri Curtis   Soprano (Vocal)
Melanie Dancy   Alto (Vocal)
Clifford Daniels   Bass (Vocal)
Janine Davis   Soprano (Vocal)
Sherri Davis   Soprano (Vocal)
Toni Davis   Alto (Vocal)
Walter Dean   Bass (Vocal)
Rob Denning   Bass (Vocal)
Mark DeSaulnier   Tenor (Vocal)
Shannon Duke   Alto (Vocal)
Lissa Dunbar   Alto (Vocal)
Ramona Dunlap   Soprano (Vocal)
Christian Ebner   Bass (Vocal)
Dominic Farr   Bass (Vocal)
Maria Feliciano   Soprano (Vocal)
Robin Fieni   Soprano (Vocal)
Jennifer Ford   Alto (Vocal)
Peggy Gibbs   Soprano (Vocal)
Stephanie Gibson   Soprano (Vocal)
Felecia A. Gordon   Alto (Vocal)
Carrie Graves   Soprano (Vocal)
Brian D. Griffin   Baritone (Vocal)
Robin Grigsby   Alto (Vocal)
Winston Hall   Baritone (Vocal)
Julie Hand   Alto (Vocal)
Sally V. Harper   Alto (Vocal)
Habiba Harrell   Alto (Vocal)
Haviva Harrell   Alto (Vocal)
Brenda J. Hartman   Alto (Vocal)
Russell Haynes   Bass (Vocal)
Charles Hester   Tenor (Vocal)
Chester Hester   Tenor (Vocal)
Shelton House   Tenor (Vocal)
Henric Idestrom   Tenor (Vocal)
Jamale Ishmel   Bass (Vocal)
Stacie Jenkins   Soprano (Vocal)
Samantha Johnson   Soprano (Vocal)
Montez Jones   Tenor (Vocal)
Colette Koch   Soprano (Vocal)
Veronica Larkin   Alto (Vocal)
Ryan Liljegren   Tenor (Vocal)
Suzanne Lopez   Alto (Vocal)
Matt McConnell   Baritone (Vocal)
Terri McCoy   Soprano (Vocal)
Dan Mehan   Tenor (Vocal)
Nathan Merrill   Bass (Vocal)
Christine Miles   Soprano (Vocal)
Tasha Millerton   Soprano (Vocal)
Cynthia A. Mills   Alto (Vocal)
Carin Ming   Alto (Vocal)
Shante Morrow   Alto (Vocal)
Tina Mosley   Alto (Vocal)
Kamya Motley   Soprano (Vocal)
Nichole D. Nelson   Soprano (Vocal)
Christina Neumann   Soprano (Vocal)
Peter Neumann   Tenor (Vocal)
Christine Niles   Soprano (Vocal)
Tonya Nolan   Soprano (Vocal)
Corey Palmer   Tenor (Vocal)
Deaun Parker   Alto (Vocal)
M. Jo Patrick   Soprano (Vocal)
Susan Payne   Alto (Vocal)
Sebastian Person   Tenor (Vocal)
Teresa Petersen   Alto (Vocal)
Connie Peterson   Soprano (Vocal)
Keri Peterson   Alto (Vocal)
Renee Porter   Alto (Vocal)
Monique Reeder   Alto (Vocal)
Melanie Rischer   Soprano (Vocal)
Carol A. Robinson   Soprano (Vocal)
Joey Rothman   Alto (Vocal)
Cheryl Sage   Alto (Vocal)
Diana Saldana   Alto (Vocal)
Catherine Scott   Soprano (Vocal)
Levise Settles   Soprano (Vocal)
Jen Seymour   Alto (Vocal)
Jon Silvester   Bass (Vocal)
Jalynn Simmons   Alto (Vocal)
Emma Sinclair   Alto (Vocal)
Nicole Skinner   Alto (Vocal)
Soularis   Tenor (Vocal)
Shawn Williams   Tenor (Vocal)
Robert Hill   Tenor (Vocal)

Technical Credits

Lou Rawls   Contributor
Bob Krogstad   Arranger
O.D. Hall   Arranger
Michael Bishop   Engineer
Garry Bonner   Director
Cincinnati Pops Chorus   Contributor
Cincinnati Pops Orchestra   Contributor
Don Hart   Arranger
Eric Knight   Arranger
John Newton   Composer
Mike Renzi   Arranger
Isaac Watts   Composer
Robert Woods   Producer
Lowell Mason   Composer
Anilda Carrasquillo   Art Direction,Cover Design
Crafton Beck   Arranger
Bruce Healey   Arranger
Steven V. Taylor   Arranger
William Henry Caldwell   Director
Andrew Russetti   Cover Photo
Kirby Shaw   Arranger
Azusa Pacific University Choir   Contributor
Central State University Choir   Contributor
Bob Darden   Liner Notes
Don Neufeld   Arranger

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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The Amazing Grace treatment is the best anywhere!