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AMERICA DIES - When Based Upon LIES: FAKE America Again

AMERICA DIES - When Based Upon LIES: FAKE America Again

by Moswee M. Peach


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The events since June 1st, 2020 when chemical gas was used by horse mounted Federal troops to clear peaceful (Constitutionally Sanctioned) demonstrators from Lafayette Park by the White House in order to have a PHOTO OP with a Bible in front of a Historic Church - the important tenants of the Constitution - The Rule of Law - were severely demolished.What followed was insertion into Portland and Seattle - Federal troops that were not identified as to their association, Branch, Names or Certifying authority or Affiliation. These Federal troops also violated the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878. It is clear that such a violation of a Federal Law could or would be used to considerably sway the outcome of the upcoming Presidential election. These United States are at the grave Brink of imminent Destruction if this happens. We would become an Authoritarian, Fascist State within seconds of the outcome of just such an artificially altered election. The more than 20,000 LIES are at the root of this possible dastardly outcome. The popular and Constitutionally accepted outcome must prevail so that is why this vote in November must be fair and totally impartial.

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