America Is Plagued with Curses: From the Out House to the White House

America Is Plagued with Curses: From the Out House to the White House

by Curtis G. Hall


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Most foods, cattle and poultry are depleted of essential vitamins and nutrients required to sustain healthy living
White People were originally colored people, also!
Harry Potter craze - Insult to Christianity
Only 10% of church members are born again or saved
Many pastors aren't called by God, Almighty
Many pastors are babes in Christ
Many so-called Christians don't represent God, Almighty,
Angel worshiping prohibited by God, Almighty
Laziness and procrastination, an accepted way life
Ignorance of biblical knowledge is rampart in churches
Churches lack spiritual discernment (ability to recognize spiritual goodness and evil)
Psychics, Spiritualist, and Mentalists (Satan's Representatives)
Racism and prejudices are alive, sick and an extension of societal curses (often under veils of disguise and deceptive processes, but the same evil root)
Homosexuality is an abomination and hatred of God
Church leadership is filled with liars and false accusers
Churches discriminate against women
Musical instruments prohibited in many churches
Children who disrespect their parents are cursed by God Almighty with short lives
Antiperspirant deodorants are cursed
Childhood violence and gang violence
Curses from God, Almighty
Spanking and whipping children prohibited by courts
God (prayer) prohibited in schools, but Satan (rights to express worldly freedom of speeches are allowed with open arms in schools (i.e., offensive languages, disrespect for authority, disrespect for Christian's expressions of rights, etc.)
Kennedy's are plagued with curses of tragedies
Ancestor's bloodline curses past from one generation to another
Stem cell extraction from a human embryo is premeditated murder
Transsexuals are murderers to their gender (sex organs) and to their marriages if they are still married
Gay relationships and gay marriages are both abominations and hatreds of God Almighty
Drug use (illegally) and drug selling
Gulf War Veterans syndromes
Gulf War Veterans Post-War Over 100,000 Suicides
Viet Nam Veterans exposed to Agent Orange
Viet Nam Veteran Post-War Over 100,000 Suicides
Terrorism on humanity or otherwise
Washington, D.C. officially cursed by design
2008 Economic Crisis, Wall Street Crisis, Bank Failures, And Financial Institutions Failures Previously Prophetically Predicted

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ISBN-13: 9780970178602
Publisher: Crutcher-Hall Management Trust
Publication date: 10/10/2012
Pages: 768
Product dimensions: 6.14(w) x 9.21(h) x 1.63(d)

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