America: We Have the Country We Want

America: We Have the Country We Want

by Mark Mullen


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Mass murder! Bullying! Immigration! Taxes!

Americans are grappling with substance abuses, new job reducing technology, import tariffs, income inequality, young people marrying at later ages, troubled schools, and much more. Sound familiar? These were the headlines from the 1890's. Almost one hundred and thirty years later, America faces the same challenges. We haven't changed much, have we?

There are a multitude of reasons why we haven't changed very much with perhaps one more pronounced than the others - politicians. We have a habit of re-electing the same do-nothing scoundrels term-after-term always expecting that campaign promises will be kept. For instance, the 115th U.S Senate consists of just 7 of 100 senators elected since 2016. On the House side, only 62 of 443 members were elected for the first time in 2016 or later. Our founding fathers intended for us to change politicians as often as we change a baby's diaper. We don't. We are more comfortable living with a mess than change.

Politicians are not the only ones to blame from preventing America from evolving. In fact, blame (as in blaming others) has become all too common and accepted in our society. For instance, your child doesn't make the cheerleading squad, so you sue the school. Never mind that your child is uncoordinated and failed to meet any of the required physical qualifications needed to perform the simplest of routines without causing injury to herself and others. In order to avoid the potential loss millions of dollars in a court verdict, the school eliminates all physical standards and requirements and opens the cheerleading squad to anyone who wishes to join - no skills necessary.

Twitter wars and fake news proliferate the headlines. The media fails to cover stories honestly and in-depth preferring to feed Americans with sensationalized and meaningless sound bites. You know what they say about growing mushrooms: keep them in the dark and feed them horse poo. Americans are treated the same way by the media. And we accept it.

Then there is big business. They take their directives from Wall Street analysts. Employees don't matter, they are thrown away like disposable razors. America doesn't matter. Big business hides their money in oversea accounts to avoid taxes. The only thing that matters to big business is the profit margin. Big margins equate to big paydays for board of directors and CEO - no payday for front-line employees.

Americans are comfortable with their surroundings and want to cling to the familiar, even when the familiar is bad for us. Don't believe me? Just ask a cigarette smoker how many times they have quit smoking. Or check the news for the latest school shooting. We are content with life as it is in the United States. We have the country we want.

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