America: The Greatest Good

America: The Greatest Good

by Nick A. Adams




In June 2009, at the age of twenty-four, Nick Adams arrived in the United States for the first time, completing a speaking and observation tour across some nineteen states. The purpose of his tour was to outline his admiration of the United States and the need for it to stay true to the principles of freedom, liberty, democracy, opportunity, justice, and bravery. His analysis of America as the only values-driven country in the world today, and the role of patriotism, assimilation, religion, military, and a culture of exceptionalism in achieving this was received so well by audiences that Nick was given a standing ovation for every speech. Strong media coverage and requests for further speaking engagements followed, with people declaring him the 'de Tocqueville of our generation'. Nick also reminded his audiences that eternal vigilance and courage are required to protect freedom now more than ever. Amazed at the response of the American people wherever he went, within one week of his speaking tour, Nick felt he had an obligation to the American people to write a book. In his view, an outside voice reminding America of their greatness was not just highly unusual, but well overdue.

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