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Longman Publishing Group
America, Past and Present / Edition 7

America, Past and Present / Edition 7

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Perfect for individuals who want to use the internet as they explore American history, this is a web/book hybrid that uses the power of the internet to engage readers interested in the history of the United States since 1865. The book presents a clear, streamlined narrative of the social, political, economic, and cultural history of the United States since 1865, enabling the reader to appreciate the variety and diversity of the American experience. The website that corresponds to the book includes images, maps, audio clips, primary source documents, and more. For anyone interested in exploring American history since 1865 with the help of the internet.

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ISBN-13: 9780205539727
Publisher: Longman Publishing Group
Publication date: 04/28/2007
Series: Books a la Carte Series
Edition description: New Edition
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 10.90(h) x 1.00(d)

Table of Contents

16. The Agony of Reconstruction.
The President Versus Congress.
Reconstruction in the South.
The Age of Grant.
Reunion and the New South.

17. The West: Exploiting an Empire.
Beyond the Frontier.
Crushing the Native Americans.
Settlement of the West.
The Bonanza West.

18. The Industrial Society.
Industrial Development.
An Empire on Rails.
An Industrial Empire.
The Sellers.
The Wage Earners.

19. Toward an Urban Society, 1877-1900.
The Lure of the City.
Social and Cultural Change, 1877-1900.
The Stirrings of Reform.

20. Political Realignments in the 1890s.
Politics of Stalemate.
Republicans in Power: The Billion-Dollar Congress.
The Rise of the Populist Movement.
The Crisis of the Depression.
Changing Attitudes.
The Presidential Election of 1896.
The McKinley Administration.

21. Toward Empire.
America Looks Outward.
War with Spain.
Debate over Empire.

22. The Progressive Era.
The Changing Face of Industrialism.
Society's Masses.
Conflict in the Workplace.
A New Urban Culture.

23. From Roosevelt to Wilson in the Age of Progressivism.
The Spirit of Progressivism.
Reform in the Cities and States.
The Republican Roosevelt.
Roosevelt Progressivism at Its Height.
The Ordeal of William Howard Taft.
Woodrow Wilson's New Freedom.

24. The Nation at War.
A New World Power.
Foreign Policy Under Wilson.
Toward War.
Over There.
Over Here.
The Treaty ofVersailles.

25. Transition to Modern America.
The Second Industrial Revolution.
The New Urban Culture.
The Rural Counterattack.
Politics of the 1920s.

26. Franklin D. Roosevelt and the New Deal.
The Great Depression.
Fighting the Depression.
Roosevelt and Reform.
Impact of the New Deal.
End of the New Deal.

27. America and the World, 1921-1945.
Retreat, Reversal, and Rivalry.
The Road to War.
Turning the Tide Against the Axis.
The Home Front.

28. The Onset of the Cold War.
The Cold War Begins.
The Cold War Expands.
The Cold War at Home.
Eisenhower Wages the Cold War.

29. Affluence and Anxiety.
The Postwar Boom.
The Good Life?
Farewell to Reform.
The Struggle over Civil Rights.

30. The Turbulent Sixties.
Kennedy Intensifies the Cold War.
The New Frontier At Home.
"Let Us Continue".
Johnson Escalates the Vietnam War.
Years of Turmoil.
The Return of Richard Nixon.

31. A Crisis in Confidence, 1969-1980.
Nixon in Power.
The Crisis of Democracy.
Energy and the Economy.
Private Lives—Public Issues.
Politics After Watergate.
From Détente to Renewed Cold War.

32. The Republican Resurgence, 1980-1992.
Reagan in Power.
Reagan and the World.
Social Dilemmas.
Passing the Torch.

33. America in Flux: The Anxious Nineties.
The Changing American Population.
Economic Crosscurrents.
Democratic Revival.
After the Cold War.
The End of the Century.




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