America - The Covenant Nation - A Christian Perspective - Volume 2: From the Rise of the Dictators in the 1930s to the Present

America - The Covenant Nation - A Christian Perspective - Volume 2: From the Rise of the Dictators in the 1930s to the Present

by Miles H Hodges

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This second volume takes the reader through the agonies of World War Two, the call to America to assume global responsibilities in the rising Cold War ... and with that, the rise to greatness in the 1950s and early 1960s of "Middle America" (the American Middle Class).  The narrative then turns to the effort by President Johnson and his Washington civil and military bureaucracy to bring American society to perfection - and to democratize Vietnam - resulting in both social catastrophe abroad and a very divided American society at home. The narrative then continues through the full range of American presidencies, all the way up to the present Biden Administration, as they struggle with this same dynamic of democracy at home and abroad. 

It investigates closely the battle raging for the last half-century between Middle America, with its traditional Christian political, moral and spiritual foundations based on the American family and local community ... and Progressive America, comprised of an increasingly ideological press, idealistic academics, crusading Boomers, and all-powerful federal judges - these Progressives conducting some form of "democracy from above," seeking from their political citadel in Washington D.C. to rewrite America's traditionally Christian social foundations along more Secular lines.

The narrative looks closely at the need of American citizens themselves to retake the initiative and duty of maintaining their own political sovereignty ... to take action to preserve America's longstanding Christian tradition (thanks to the Puritans) of "democracy from below."   And most critically, it looks at the matter of America getting back into an all-important covenant relationship with God - to once again be his "City on a Hill," his "Light to the Nations." 

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ISBN-13: 9798985107456
Publisher: Miles H Hodges
Publication date: 10/25/2021
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 574
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About the Author

Miles Hodges received an MA and PhD from Georgetown University (political science: comparative world politics) and an MDiv from Princeton Seminary (Biblical studies). He has long served as a professor (University of South Alabama: founder and head of the International Studies Program), as a corporate political-risk instructor and consultant, as a pastor (street and prison ministry, plus three Presbyterian congregations), and finally as a social dynamics (the cause of the rise and fall of societies), history, and French teacher at a Christian high school (The King's Academy) in Pennsylvania. And he recently published a three-volume American history (from which this two-volume series largely derives), focusing on the way a very special covenant with God has long guided this nation. And even more recently (2021), he published a personal autobiography focused on his own spiritual journey from cynical realism to a born-again Christian faith.

Table of Contents

17. The Dictators ... and the Gathering War Clouds

18. World War Two

19. A Cold War Develops

20. Middle America Comes of Age

21. The Early 1960s: Middle America's Last Hurrah

22. The Later 1960s: The Rise of the Welfare State

23. The 1970s: America Divides Ideologically

24. The Reagan-Bush (Bush Sr.) Era

25. Clinton - And the Arrival of the Boomer Era

26. "Neo-Conservatism" under Bush Jr.

27. Obama "Changes" America

28. Into the Age of Trump

29. Biden Takes Command

30. The Lessons of History


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