America the Great Satan, A Book of Poetry

America the Great Satan, A Book of Poetry

by Unpa T. Riotic


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With professing Christians in a huge state of apathy and the body of Christ on the decline, all it takes for a political leader to gain the confidence and allegiance of the masses is mere words. Christians have forgotten that they were not only called to love, forgive and be peacemakers, but to judge, rebuke and admonish as well. They have forgotten that leaders are to be rebuked publicly. They have forgotten that those who claim to be Christians but live in unrepentant sin are to be excommunicated from the body of Christ. Today, Christians in the United States of America are asleep and it's time for them to WAKE UP!

While Jesus Christ taught His followers to love their enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them that persecute you, various Presidents, politicians and even religious talking heads command their constituents and listeners to kill their enemies, do evil to them that hate you, and bomb them that persecute you. The question is, who will you follow, the Religious Right or the right religion, the Constitution or the Word of God, the POTUS or Jesus Christ?

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ISBN-13: 9780991788200
Publisher: Fanatic Publishing
Publication date: 12/01/2015
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.80(h) x 0.40(d)

About the Author

Unpa T. Riotic is an American citizen. However, he is also a man who repented of his sins and dedicated his heart, mind, body and soul to his Creator and Savior.

His only allegiance is to the one true God of the Bible, not a flag with 50 stars on it. His only Commander in Chief is Jesus Christ of Nazareth, not the POTUS, and his only blueprint to live by is the word of God (i.e. Bible) and not the Constitution of the United States.

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So you think some more gun laws

Would have stopped Columbine from happening?

That's like saying more immigration laws

Will stop illegal drug trafficking

Maybe if Bill Clinton wouldn't have bombed the snot

Out of Eastern Europe hours earlier

So you think television and music are to blame for this sin

Perhaps if those boys hadn't been listening to Marilyn

They would never had killed all those children

Maybe one could have even been an upstanding citizen?

Yeah, and maybe if they hadn't been taught evolution

Eric and Dylan, like many, were taught Darwin's trash

That they're little more than apes and came from a carrot

So why shouldn't they end others' lives in a flash

Seeing as like animals, they have no spirit

That is the dangerous lie these kids were taught

They could see dogs get put to sleep every day

Without crossing any illegal lines

So why should they not get away,

With killing some two-legged canines?

If people are just animals, it makes sense

They could see a gold fish get flushed down the drain

With no lawyer demanding justice

So why shouldn't they release all their pain

By murdering some two-legged fish

If Darwin was right, what's the big deal?

They heard for years how there was no Creator

And that we all came from a non-human primate

That there was no one that we should live for

Obey, love, consider and imitate

That One is Jesus Christ of Nazareth

Had they been taught God's Word, even in part

Perhaps there would have been no killing

But instead these boys were lied to from the start

And now many parents are crying

When will we learn our lesson?

So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them (Genesis 1: 27)


76 people were killed in Waco

Does anyone care, do you want to know,

About those babies and how they died?

They were burned to death as their mothers cried

The government's responsible

And it should be held accountable

But you don't want to hear that do you?

You'd rather just relax and play a game of Clue

And take your mind off things of such weight

And figure in your heart it's much too late

To do anything about the killing that day

Besides it will never happen again you say

But that's like saying it will never again rain

You better believe AmeriKa will always cause pain

To some poor family or group of believers

Like the family in Ruby Ridge called the Weavers

Or even to another nation like Iraq

If the U.S.A. isn't killing its own, it's on the attack

There's always something to be done in the White House

To torment, torture and scare the poor mouse

That is, the lowly citizen of AmeriKa

Just ask Branch Davidians and they'll tell ya

The government slaughtered their babies

As if they were wild dogs, sick with rabies

They even killed the leader of their clan

Yeah, he may have been crazy, but he was still a man

And didn't deserve to be gunned down like a dog

Or some axe murderer running through the fog

The guy was a bit nutty, that's for sure

But so is George Bush and many, many more

Men and women and even the little guys

But do they all deserve to be tortured and die

I hope you answer that question with sincerity

And stop covering for your government's insanity

Those little children in Waco did not deserve to die

Anymore than you or I

So you need to ask yourself ...


Thou hast slain my children, and delivered them to cause them to pass through the fire (Ezekiel 16: 21b)

Table of Contents

One Nation under Satan

Ruby Ridge

George Bush

War on Terror

AmeriKa the Beautiful

AmeriKa's Degeneration

AmeriKa the Great Satan

God Save the World Today

O Say Can You See

Sick Land of Hypocrisy

The Truth is in His Word

Looking up from Hell

The Stars and Stripes

Father and I Went Down to Camp

The Guest of Honor

G-8 Conference aka King George's Round Table

Love for All 55 Why?

Sacred Cows

A True Christian Country

Just Following Orders



David Koresh


Illegal Aliens

Soldier vs. Soulja

Serial Killers

Tears of the Son



Conspiracy Theory


Barack Hussein Obama

Boston Strong

Just Leave Me Alone

The Problem with Fags

Repent America

Publisher's Note to the Unsaved

Publisher's Note to the Saved

Invitation to Contact Us

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