America Through the Looking Glass: An Outsider's Look at American Society

America Through the Looking Glass: An Outsider's Look at American Society

by Emuaredhowo Rufus Ozomeyo


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This book offers a work in which the author seeks to relay a treatise of his observations of life in the United States from the point of view of a first-generation immigrant. The text explores his observations on such facets of American life as politics, welfare reforms, family values, labor practices, education and other issues in the civil society.

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ISBN-13: 9780759619401
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 05/28/2001
Pages: 192
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.56(d)

Table of Contents

Part IFamily Life And Responsibilities
Chapter 13
Contradictions Of The Past And Present: Traditions And The Causes Of Welfare3
Chapter 26
The Magic Age: The Dilemna Of The Adolescent6
Chapter 38
Adolescent Dating Phenomenon8
Chapter 410
The Disadvantages Of Early Relationships On The Part Of Young Men10
Chapter 513
Dating Prerequisites: The Age Issue In Dating13
Chapter 617
Women And The Erosion Of The Family: A Critical Analysis17
Chapter 722
The Abuse Of The Welfare System22
Chapter 825
The Disintegration Of The Family: A Critical Analysis25
Chapter 931
The Disadvantages Of The Nuclear Family System: A Comparative Analysis31
Chapter 1037
Welfare Reforms37
Part IIEducation
Chapter 1141
A Surprise Discovery41
Chapter 1244
Efforts Toward Reform44
Chapter 1354
Resistance To Reforms54
Chapter 1457
Attitude Towards Education57
Chapter 1560
Education And The Founding Philosophy60
Chapter 1665
District Of Columbia Public Schools (DCPS): An In-Depth Look At The DCPS65
Chapter 1769
Equality And Socialization In The School System69
Chapter 1872
Citizenship Training: The Boarding School And School Choice72
Chapter 1974
Administration And Evaluation Procedure74
Chapter 2077
Resistance To National Testing And Curriculum77
Chapter 2183
Evaluation Style In The United States: A Critique83
Chapter 2287
Substitute Teachers87
Chapter 2389
A Look At Other Evaluation Systems: A Comparative Analysis89
Chapter 2493
School Management: A Comparative Analysis93
Chapter 2597
The Need For School Uniforms97
Chapter 26101
Teachers And The Teaching Profession101
Chapter 27108
How To Reform The School System108
Chapter 28113
Multiculturalism In Education And The African American Dilemna113
Chapter 29119
Students And Work: The Ultimate Odd Couple119
Chapter 30121
The Phenomenon Of The Prom121
Part IIIThe Civil Society
Chapter 31125
Understanding The United States125
Chapter 32127
The European Experience And How It Helped Mold Amerian Society127
Chapter 33131
America As A Victim Of Her Founding Philosophy131
Chapter 34133
Chapter 35134
Democracy And Child Rearing: The Phobia Of Child Abuse134
Chapter 36142
Liberty And The Price Of Individuality142
Chapter 37145
Relationships And Spousal Abuse: The Price Of Individuality145
Chapter 38147
United States As The Land Of Milk And Honey: Is It A Myth Or Reality?147
Chapter 39149
Urban Housing: A Commentary149
Chapter 40152
Capital And Labor: The Struggle Between Employer And Employee152
Chapter 41155
The Exploitation Of Labor155
Chapter 42158
The Universities And Colleges On The Adjunct Dilemna158
Chapter 43165
Chapter 44169
The Issue Of Rights: The Case Of The American Civil Liberty Union And The National Rifle Association169
Chapter 45172
World Response To The United States Value System172
Chapter 46174
Lessons From The Past: A Look At Ancient Wisdom174

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