America Under Reconstruction: 1866-1890

America Under Reconstruction: 1866-1890

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Now you can study the Reconstruction of America from first-hand perspective. This is volume 9 of the First-hand History of America. This essential collection includes 63 primary source accounts from pre 1865 AD to 1890. No source is better than the original. It is untainted and tells the history as it happened.

This eBook is #9 in the First-hand History of America series

*This collection includes 63 First-hand Accounts:
• A Plea for General Amnesty – Carl Schurz
• Greenley During His Campaign for President – Greenley
• Woman's Rights to the Suffrage – Susan B. Anthony
• Sumner and the South – Lamar
• Oration at Concord – Curtis
• Speech Nominating Blaine for President – Ingersoll
• Ingersoll at His Brother's Grave – Ingersoll
• What Think Ye of Christ? – Moody
• Conklings' Speech Nominating Grant for a Third Term – Conkling
• Garfields' Speech nominating Sherman for President – James A. Garfield
• E. Benjamin Andrews on the Evils of Reconstruction – E. Benjamin Andrews
• Laying the First Successful Atlantic Cable – Cyrus W. Field
• Why the United States Wanted Alaska – Charles Sumner
• Treaty with Russia, 1867 – The U.S. and Russian Governments
• The Purchase of Alaska (Bancroft) – Frederic Bancroft
• The Purchase of Alaska (Blaine) – James G. Blaine
• Hunting Buffalo to Feed the Railroad Builders – William F. Cody
• The Second Visit of Dickens – Charles Dickens
• The Threatened Impeachment of Andrew Johnson – Shelby M. Cullom
• The Fourteenth Amendment – Thaddeus Stevens
• Ulysses S. Grant, Eighteenth President – James Ford Rhodes
• The First Transcontinental Railroad – John P. Davis
• Black Friday (Medbery) – J. K. Medbery
• Black Friday (Andrews) – E. Benjamin Andrews
• The Alabama Claims and the Geneva Arbitration – James G. Blaine
• The Fifteenth Amendment – Henry Wilson
• The Ku-Klux Klan – Federal Grand Jury
• The Great Chicago Fire – Horace White
• The Overthrow of the Tweed Ring – E. Benjamin Andrews
• The Greeley Campaign – James G. Blaine
• The Geneva Award in the "Alabama" Claims – The Arbitrators
• Carpet-Bag Government – James Shepherd Pike
• The Panic of 1873 – E. Benjamin Andrews
• Cuban Intervention Proposed – Hamilton Fish
• Why Reconstruction Failed – E. Benjamin Andrews, Salmon P. Chase, John Sherman
• Phases of Reconstruction in South Carolina – Daniel H. Chamberlain
• The Coming of the Telephone – Thomas A. Watson
• The Invention of the Telephone--The Share in it of Bell and Edison – Encyclopedia Brittanica
• The Celebration of the First Centenary – E. Benjamin Andrews
• Centennial of the Republic – Unknown
• The Hayes-Tilden Presidential Contest – Edward Stanwood
• Custer's Last Stand – Judson Elliott Walker
• Edison's Electric-Light Inventions – Appleton's Annual Encyclopedia
• The Resumption of Specie Payments – Appleton's Annual Encyclopedia
• Uncle Sam Resumes Specie Payments – John Sherman
• Edison's Electric Light Invention – Frank L. Dyar and Thomas C. Martin
• Reasons for Being a Republican – Ulysses S. Grant
• The Assassination of Garfield – Appleton's Annual Encyclopedia
• The Assassination of Garfield – Theodore Clarke Smith
• Civil Service Reform Demanded – George William Curtis
• North American Relations to South America – James G. Blaine
• On the Death of Garfield – James G. Blaine
• The Blaine-Cleveland Campaign – Harry Thurston Peck
• The Death and Funeral of General Grant – James Grant Wilson
• The Chicago Haymarket Riot – Harry Thurston Peck
• The Old South and the New – Grady
• The Interstate Commerce Commission – Aldace Freeman Walker
• The Presidential Campaign of 1888 – Edward Stanwood
• The Johnstown Flood – E. Benjamin Andrews
• Disputing the Samoan Islands with Germany – Harry Thurston Peck
• The McKinley Tariff Bill – Charles Sumner Olcott
• Behring Sea Troubles with Great Britain – Blaine, Pauncefote and Salisbury
• Work Done For

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