America Under Siege

America Under Siege

by Robert W. Pelton


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A unique phenomenon began taking place during the late 1990s.
America was literally flooded with shocking reports and pictures of foreign military vehicles from tanks to armored personnel carriers to jeeps seen and photographed as they brazenly traversed the nation's rails.
Fully loaded flatbed 13-wheelers openly cruised down America's highways carrying undisguised military vehicles of every type.
Unmarked helicopters flew over our cities and towns while mapping and photographing street layouts and housing developments.
"Civilian Internment Centers" surrounded with 10 to 12 foot chain link fences topped with razor wire began to quietly spring up!
All of these things led to the conclusion that America was deliberately being delivered by traitorous conspirators to a thug-run police state dictatorship!
Then suddenly everything came to a screeching halt!
Has anything really changed?
Have any of the traitors in and out of government been exposed and punished?

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