American Amnesia: Is America Paying the Price for Forgetting God, the Source of Our Liberty?

American Amnesia: Is America Paying the Price for Forgetting God, the Source of Our Liberty?

by Jerry Newcombe


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In America, we have a problem of collective amnesia. God has blessed the United States of America perhaps more than any other nation before us. Yet, while basking in the blessing, we have forgotten that the hand of God made us a nation. Like someone long asleep, like a collective Rip Van Winkle, we must wake up from our futile dreams. Our future depends on America rising from its fatal forgetfulness, and remembering the godly principles expressed in so many of our founding documents and general literature, which are the bedrock of this great nation. Can remembering God’s role in American history bring us to a spiritual awakening—a great revival, leading to a national reformation that can spare us from our nation’s apparent death spiral?

American Amnesia is a collection of essays written in the last several years by author, radio and television host, and TV producer Jerry Newcombe, D.Min., focusing on God and government, on the American experiment, current society, and church and state matters. Newcombe possesses two unique resources, one material and one a special gift. Through his many interviews, he has garnered a unique and valuable collection of first-hand quotes from many prominent leaders of our day. Then, with skills honed in his longtime media and publishing work with Dr. D. James Kennedy Ministries, Dr. Newcombe sheds a bright light on our current events by drawing us consistently back to the basic principles of America’s founding. From his study of original source documents, he brings an almost unparalleled knowledge of early America. With his help, we can see our moment of history unfolding through the lens of Biblical truth. Standing against forces intending to undermine God’s plan for humanity in society, American Amnesia is the antidote for a nation’s forgetfulness.

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ISBN-13: 9781946497994
Publisher: Nordskog Publishing, Incorporated
Publication date: 10/10/2018
Pages: 375
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.90(h) x 1.30(d)

About the Author

Dr. Jerry Newcombe serves as the senior producer, an on-air host, and columnist for D. James Kennedy Ministries. Jerry has produced or co-produced more than seventy one-hour television specials that have aired nationwide. Jerry is the author or coauthor of twenty-nine books, including The Book that Made America: How the Bible Formed Our Nation. At least two of his books have been bestsellers, George Washington’s Sacred Fire (with Dr. Peter Lillback) and What If Jesus Had Never Been Born? (with Dr. Kennedy). Jerry has also written Doubting Thomas? The Life and Legacy of Thomas Jefferson (with Mark Beliles). Jerry has appeared on numerous talk shows as a guest, including Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher (4x), Janet Parshall’s radio programs, Point of View, the Moody radio network, TBN, the Fox News Channel, the Fox Business Channel, C-Span2’s Book Notes, etc. Jerry hosts a weekly radio program called Vocal Point on GraceNetRadio (, which is a “meeting of the minds.” (The broadcasts are also individually posted at

Jerry is an associate minister at New Presbyterian Church, Wilton Manors, Florida. Jerry is happily married with two children and three grandchildren. The Newcombes reside in South Florida.

Jerry Newcombe earned his doctorate in ministry at Knox Theological Seminary, founded by Dr. D. James Kennedy.

For more information on Jerry:

Table of Contents

Prologue Colonel John Eidsmoe xvii

Foreword: Has America Lost its Memory? William J. Federer xxi

An Introduction: Our Freedom Is Worth Preserving xxvii

Part I Remembering Our Nation's Judeo-Christian Roots

1 Columbus Day or Indigenous Peoples' Day? 3

2 America Has Christian Roots: Give Thanks to the Source of Our National Greatness 6

3 What's In Your Wallet? 9

4 Providence and the Pilgrims 12

5 The History of the Thanksgiving Holiday 15

6 On the Origins of the Thanksgiving Holiday… Teaching Us to Give Thanks in All Circumstances 18

7 The Pilgrims Gave Thanks, Despite a Multitude of Difficulties 21

8 The Pilgrims and the U.S. Constitution 24

9 A Nation in Need of Repentance and a New Great Awakening, Part 1 27

10 A Nation in Need of True Revival, Part 2 30

11 How Is Calling for National Revival "Controversial"? 33

12 Why Do So Many Americans Hate America? 35

13 Just Who Is Rewriting History? 38

14 George Washington Worshiped Here 41

15 Is Patriotism Uncool? 44

16 Look What They Left Off the Martin Luther King Memorial 47

17 Liberal Talk Host Says National Anthem Should Go 49

18 Controversy Surrounding the NFL and the National Anthem-Why Doesn't Kaepernick Protest Fatherlessness? 52

19 What Hath Kaepernick Wrought? 55

20 Reagan at One Hundred 58

21 Ronald Reagan and Conservatives in the Political Wilderness 61

22 The Left Should Stop Rewriting the History of Clarence Thomas's Legacy 64

23 Au Contraire, Jim DeMint Does Know His U.S. History 67

24 Three Key Lessons for Modern Americans from a Refugee of Communism 70

25 Happy Birthday America 73

26 The Politically Incorrect Rev. Dr. King 76

27 The Mantle of Dr. King 79

28 "The Other Side of the Vietnam Story" 82

29 God and the Inaugural Addresses 85

30 Does America Have a Prayer? 89

31 Riots in the Streets-the New Normal? 92

32 Ten Reasons I'm Grateful to Be an American 95

33 Memorial Day 2017: "Freedom Is Not Bought Cheaply" 98

34 Saul Alinsky Would Be Proud 101

35 Our Lawless President Opens the Borders 104

36 The Essence of Liberalism 107

37 George Washington's Warning to America 110

38 The God Factor-America's Key to Success 113

39 America's 225th Birthday-April 30 116

40 Who Died and Made the Supreme Court God? 119

41 A Christian Response to Ferguson 122

42 Robert E. Lee and God's Judgment on a Nation Gone Astray 125

43 Commenting on the Tragedy in Charlottesville 128

44 Some Good News out of Charlottesville 131

45 "Fake News" and "Our Democracy" 134

46 Confessions of a "Christian Constitutionalist" 137

Part II Renewing Our Role as Active Citizens

47 Ten Reasons Why the Church Should Not Abandon Politics 143

48 Values Voters Made the Difference in the Midterm Elections 146

49 Have the People "Ceased to Be Their Own Rulers"? 149

50 Immigrants: Turn Back-America Stinks According to the Left 152

51 Obamacare Threatens Charitable Hospitals 155

52 Obamacare and Animal Farm 158

53 Who Will Control Your Healthcare Choices? 161

54 Obamanomics Isn't Working and Never Will Work 164

55 Obamacare Decision Proves Elections Matter 167

56 A Big Lie or Just a Pronoun Mix-up? 170

57 So, It's All Jesus's Fault? 173

58 Repeal the Bill 176

59 Detroit: The Tragedy of Big Government Run Amok 179

60 Did the Devil Make Him Do It? 182

61 It's Mourning in America 185

62 What Would George Washington Say about the 2012 Election? 188

63 Obama Is the "Pick-and-Choose President" 191

64 Madam Speaker, You've Got to Be Kidding 194

65 Government Should Stop Ruining the Family 197

66 What Was Left Out of the 9/11 Memorials? 200

67 Stop the False Dichotomy 203

68 Does Your One Vote Count? 206

69 An Appeal to Christians Who Plan to Sit Out This Election 209

70 Polish People Pray for Protection from Islamic Invasion 212

71 Shooting at FRC: Overcoming Hate with Love 215

72 What Is Hate, and Who Defines It? The SPLC? 218

73 Falsely Accusing Others of Hate 220

74 Who Really Fosters Hate? 223

75 The Most Overused and Misused Word in Our Time 226

76 Political Correctness Handcuffs Us in the War against Islamic Jihad 229

77 Free Speech for Me, But Not for Thee 232

78 Mike Pence in His Own Words 235

79 Media Bias and Trump 238

80 Liberals Are the True Censors 241

81 Trump's Victory and the Religious Right 244

82 Ten Rebuttals to the Left's Meltdown over Trump-Pence 247

83 Fidel Castro Before the Judgment Seat 250

84 The Coming Battle Over the Supreme Court 253

85 How Scalia Stood Strong for Decades 256

86 So Much, for the Constitution 259

87 Have "We the People" Stopped Being "Our Own Rulers"? 262

88 The Christian and Civil Disobedience 265

89 Darwin and WWI 268

Part III Recovering Our Religious Liberty in the Face of a Militant Secularism

90 Silence Is Golden 273

91 Misreading Jefferson on Church and State 276

92 God and the Constitution 279

93 Houston, We Have a Problem 282

94 Mast Our Chaplains Be Politically Correct Too? 285

95 When Chaplains Can't Discuss the Bible 288

96 No Bibles Allowed in a Hospital? 291

97 The Irony of California's Ousting of Campus Christian Groups 294

98 Secular Fundamentalists Rule against Public Cross 297

99 Will NYC Implement the ABC Principle-Anything But Christ? 300

100 What Would the Framers Think of Evicting Churches from NYC Schools? 303

101 The Separation of God and State? 306

102 Is the Bible Like "Asbestos" in the Public School? 309

103 The Irony of Banning God from the Public Square 312

104 Supreme Court Cake Decision Aligns with Most Americans 315

105 No God, No American Freedom 318

106 The Non-Jesus Religion 321

107 Trying to Banish God from Charity, a Judeo-Christian Invention 324

108 Away With the Manger? 327

109 Ten Reasons State-Sanctioned Atheism Is Out of Step with Our American Traditions 330

110 Which View of Heaven Will Prevail? The Difference Can Mean Hell on Earth 333

111 Pray for the Persecuted Church-Abroad and at Home 336

112 Inside the Coptic Church Bombings 339

113 Land of the Free? Not with Same-Sex Marriage 342

114 Hiding from the Cross Like Dracula 345

115 America Without Religious Freedom Is Unthinkable 348

Epilogue: On the Pursuit of Happiness: Joy Is a State of Mind 351

References 355

Index 359

Publisher's Word 367

About the Author 379

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