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The American Anomaly: U.S. Politics and Government in Comparative Perspective / Edition 2

The American Anomaly: U.S. Politics and Government in Comparative Perspective / Edition 2

by Raymond A. Smith
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ISBN-13: 9780415879729
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publication date: 10/14/2010
Pages: 240
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About the Author

Raymond A. Smith is Adjunct Assistant Professor of Political Science at Columbia University and New York University and is the author of Importing Democracy: Ideas from around the World to Reform and Revitalize U.S. Politics and Government.

Table of Contents

Part I: The Constitutional Order 1. The American Nation, State, and Regime. Case Study: The Nation, State, and Regime in Poland. The American Nation. The Development of Nationhood in Comparative Perspective. The American State and Regime. Unusual Characteristics of the United States 2. The U.S. Constitution. Case Study: The South African Constitution of 1996. The U.S. Constitution: Brevity and Vagueness. The Process of Constitutional Change. Anachronistic Elements of the U.S. Constitution 3. Federalism. Case Study: The European Union. The Confederal Model. Case Study: The Unitary State in Japan. Unitary States: Centralized Decision Making. Case Study: German Federalism. The Federal Model 4. Separation of Powers. Case Study: The Westminster Parliamentary Model. The Fusion of Power in Parliamentary Government. Prime Ministerial Power. Other Checks and Balances? A Hypothetical Case Study: Parliamentary Checks and Balances. Prime Ministerial Accountability to Parliament Part II: The Institutions of Government 5. The Executive Branch: The Presidency and the Bureaucracy. Case Study: Variations in Executive Power in Southeast Asia. Nondemocratic Executives. Democratic Dual Executives. The American Presidency in Comparative Perspective. Other Presidential Systems. The U.S. Vice President, Cabinet, and Bureaucracy 6. The Legislative Branch: The Two Houses of Congress. Case Study: Legislative Variation in the Former British Dominions. Unicameralism. Asymmetric Bicameralism. Symmetric Bicameralism. The Dispersal of Power in the U.S. Congress. The Power of Congress in Comparative Perspective 7. The Judicial Branch: The Supreme Court and the Federal Courts. Case Study: The Judiciary in France. Impartiality and Independence. Courts as a Separate and Co-Equal Branch. Judicial Review Part III: Political Participation 8. Political Participation: The Spectrum from the Unconventional to the Conventional. Case Study: The Zapatistas and Indigenous Political Participation in Mexico. Political Violence. Non-violent Activism. Interest Group Activity 9. Voting and Elections. Case Study: Voting and Elections in Israel. Free and Fair Elections. Competitive Elections. Voter Eligibility and Turnout. The Winner-Take-All Electoral System. Peculiarities of the U.S. Presidential Elections 10. Political Parties. A Hypothetical Case Study: Electoral Systems and the Number of Parties. Single-Party Systems. Two-Party-Plus Systems. Multiparty Systems. The U.S. Two-Party System in Comparative Perspective 11. Public Opinion and Political Values. Case Study: The World Values Survey. United States Public Opinion in Comparative Perspective. Religiosity and Moral Values. National Pride but Skepticism about Big Government Part IV: Public Policy and Policymaking 12. Domestic Policy: Socioeconomic Policy, Civil Liberties, and Civil Rights. Case Study: Political Rights and Social Protections in Denmark. Socioeconomic Policy. Skepticism of Big Government. Civil Liberties. Civil Rights 13. Foreign Policy: The U.S. in the World. Case Study: The Foreign Policy of China. Foreign Policymaking in the United States. U.S. Foreign Policy: Realist and Idealist Perspectives Conclusion: The American Anomaly on Balance. Stability. Flexibility. Representation. Accountability For Further Study: A Brief Bibliographic Essay on American Exceptionalism

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