American Architects and Their Books to 1848

American Architects and Their Books to 1848


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Since the Renaissance, architects have been authors and architecture has been the subject of publications. Architectural forms and theories are spread not just by buildings, but by the distribution of images and descriptions fed through the printing press. The study of an architect's library is an essential avenue to understanding that architect's intentions and judging his or her achievements.

In this well-illustrated volume, a chronological sequel to American Architects and Their Books to 1848, twelve distinguished historians of architecture discuss from various points of view the books that inspired architects both famous and not-so-famous, and the books the architects themselves produced. They examine the multifaceted relationship of nineteenth- and early twentieth-century architects to print culture—the literary works that architects collected, used, argued over, wrote, illustrated, designed, printed, were inspired by, cribbed from, educated clients with, advertised their services through, designed libraries for, or just plain enjoyed. The result is a volume that presents the intersection of the history of architecture, the history of ideas, and the history of the book. Changes in print culture during this period had a significant impact on the architectural profession, as revealed in these well-informed scholarly essays.

In addition to the editors, contributors include Jhennifer A. Amundson, Edward R. Bosley, Ted Cavanagh, Elspeth Cowell, Elaine Harrington, Michael J. Lewis, Anne E. Mallek, Daniel D. Reiff, Earle G. Shettleworth, Jr., and Chris Szczesny-Adams. Among the architects discussed are A. J. Downing, Charles Sumner Greene, James Sims, Samuel Sloan, John Calvin Stevens, Thomas U. Walter, and Frank Lloyd Wright.

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ISBN-13: 9781558492820
Publisher: University of Massachusetts Press
Publication date: 08/13/2001
Series: Studies in Print Culture and the History of the Book Series
Pages: 280
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About the Author

Kenneth Hafertepe is associate professor of museum studies at Baylor University.

James F. O'Gorman is Grace Slack McNeil Professor of the History of Art Emeritus at Wellesley College.

What People are Saying About This

Jack Quinan

American Architects and Their Books is a major contribution to the field of American architectural and cultural history.
—(Jack Quinan, SUNY, Buffalo)

Eleanor Thompson

Taken with the first volume, these essays tell a compelling story of the maturing of the architectural profession in America and its link with the world of books, which indeed would seem to be essential to their work and thought.

Martha McNamara

This is an important work at the intersection of architectural history and the history of the book.... It will appeal to a diverse group of scholars interested in the built environment of North America, the development of the architectural profession, the transmission of ideas, and the myriad ways in which these phenomena were shaped by books.

Eleanor McD Thompson

The scholarship in American Architects and Their Books is sound and up to date. The contributors are leaders in the field and promising younger historians. Because this is the first full-scale examination of the topic, the book will be welcomed by architectural historians, students of reading and the history of the book, and historians of collecting as well as collectors themselves.
—(Eleanor McD. Thompson, The Winterthur Library)

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