American Black History

American Black History

by Nuruddin Burns

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American Black History by Nuruddin Burns

How many times have adults heard from teens, what do I need to learn History for that happened a long time ago? Well, this book not only answers that question but makes the study of Black History fun,exciting and connects the student with the Black historical experience. Below is a chapter from "American Black History,"titled Lost In The Crowd".

Lost in the Crowd

Where’s your confession, you punked out for depression
Drul’n over the Ferrari, so you swim’n in Bacardi
But gotta stay razor sharp like a knife
You know you like Rick James and Busta Rhymes,
Talk’n about that ghetto life
So you drink up blaze up do what gotta do to keep your head up
Boy’s medicine keep you fool’n a prisoner, a mental illusion
Can’t be physically emancipated while mentally constipated
Little child running wild always going with the crowd
Tell’n yah what yah need to hear
Think’n is sloppy, go to Kinkos and be a carbon copy
Who’s gonna take a stand and be their own man
Boys can’t see through the looking glass
A snake in the grass food for thought
Words controlling thought always talking about who fought
Could turn out to be cold blooded murder
All based on hearsay
Snake on the other side of town sipp’n on Hennessey
Like dark forces gett’n fed with hot led
True focus no hocus pocus for the man’s mind
But was my fresh rhyme too much for the juvenile mind

Wise Spoken Words Survival Course /Lost In the Crowd

1. Try to figure out who the snake in the grass is.
Answer: The snake in the grass is a guy who does not like two other guys.

2. Can you figure out what these lines mean: Words controlling thought, always talking about who fought.
Answer: These lines mean that the snake in the grass decides to spread gossip about the guys who he does not like. These false rumors have damaging information about both guys to make it appear that the guys started the rumors. Unfortunately these guys could kill each over something that neither one of them said.

3. Snake on the other side of town sipping on Hennessey. What does the mean?
Answer: This means that while the two guys are ready to fight or kill each other; over something neither one of them said the snake in the grass is at a party on the other side of town having a ball a drinking Hennessey.
4. Obliviously, the two guys are being controlled by their animal instincts.
Answer: The two men are trapped because they have allowed their anger to cloud their judgment and not get at the truth.

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About the Author

Nuruddin Burns is a native of Cleveland,Ohio. he has over 25 years of teaching experience and has supplied motivational presentations to community based organizations in Cleveland,Ohio and New York city.

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