American Corruption: A Story of Boston Corruption under J. Edgar Hoover's FBI

American Corruption: A Story of Boston Corruption under J. Edgar Hoover's FBI

by Edward Anthony Gibbons


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ISBN-13: 9781450233064
Publisher: iUniverse, Incorporated
Publication date: 07/14/2010
Pages: 288
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.60(d)

About the Author

Edward Anthony Gibbons was raised in Boston. During World War II, he served in the Army Air Force. Gibbons also served ten years a Boston policeman. In 1956, he moved to Texas, where he worked for Sealy Mattress Company for thirty-two years. Now retired, he lives in Missouri City, Texas.

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A Story of Boston Corruption under J. Edgar Hoover's FBI
By Edward Anthony Gibbons

iUniverse, Inc.

Copyright © 2010 Edward Anthony Gibbons
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4502-3306-4

Chapter One

Many months before the Japanese December 8, 1941 dastardly sneak attack on Pearl Harbor Hawaii, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, on July 7, 1941, orders a United States Army Military unit shipped to Iceland to relieve the British Infantry troops stationed there so that they could see military action elsewhere.

President F.D. Roosevelt's action, in retrospect, indicates that while the isolation attitude was dominant in the United States the country was more prepared for military action than most Americans realized, behind the scenes the United States was indirectly already involved in the war by this date. F.D.R. kept a lot of secrets from the voters including the evil corrupt fact that Francesco Castiglia, a.k.a. mobster Frank Costello, backed his election while mobster Charles 'Lucky' Luciano, who is deep in the Hollywood scene with his movie star mistress Thelma Todd and dinner companions such as Jimmy Durante and Ed Wynn, backed Al Smith for President. Corruption on the part of Democrats as well as the Republican candidates still prevails.

Sunday December 7, 1941 at 7.55 a.m., the Japanese send 360 planes to attack Pearl Harbor killing 2117 civilians and military personnel. On Monday December 8, Roosevelt declares an act of war against the Axis. By this date the Japanese Army's evil atrocities and killing orgies have slaughtered and murdered over 12 million Chinese civilians. Most were cruelly killed by sword, shovel or bayonet. All this is well known to the Americans.

Plus they heard of the German atrocities in Europe. However, up to this date Americans are severe isolationist in their beliefs, it wasn't their war. However, when it hit home, they banded together in firm resolve to stop all this cruelty on the part of the Axis. And so it is with Edward Teddy Sheerin

In spite of F.D.R.s' October 1941 speech, "No American boys will go to war." Boys like Teddy and his brother Stanley decide it is time to do something and each enlist in the military.

Monday February 19, 1945, under the command of Lt. General Holland M. Howling Mad Smith, part of the United States Army 5th Division's attempt to conquer Iwo Jima begins. It is to become the toughest Marine battle in one hundred and sixty-eight years.

Participating in the attack on Iwo Jima, in the air is twenty-one years old United States Army Air Force, Lt. Colonel Edward Teddy Sheerin flying an all American made P51 Mustang. (However its engine is a British Rolls Royce 12 cylinder Merlin).

On the ground on the island of Iwo Jima, as part of 30,000 United States Marines, on the south east beach of Okinawa is the 3rd and the fourth Marine Division's 506th Fighter Group. Twenty-year old Marine Sergeant Stephen Steve Ryler is leading his Grunts on land. It is a suicidal but successful attempt by United States forces to successfully invade and conquer this Japanese held island.

On this historic date of1945, Steve, is crawling on his belly over the shiny black lava pebbles, and in the sky, Teddy is flying his Mustang pursuit plane low above the inching Marines. The two are within one thousand feet of each other. Little do they know that both their lives will later become emotionally entangled around a most beautiful female?

It is a very costly battle, with a great loss of life, and injuries, to the Japs and the Marines. Four days after their landing, the Marines raise the American flag on Mount Suribachi. Moreover has become an extremely vital step on the threshold of the 1270 mile 'road' to Tokyo that the allies will follow to invade Japan.

The Japanese military realize the importance of their need to retain control of this island, it is imperative for them to be able to protect their homeland from a future Allied invasion that could begin here. It is so important to them that in a few hours they fire twenty thousand deadly shells into Ryler's Marine held area. No larger than 9000 sq. yards in size the Japs mount deadly suicidal attempts to hold this area of the island Iwo Jima. In return, the enemy held areas of the island sustain seventy-two days of U.S. aerial bombardment.

Every war results are reflected by dramatic changes in the attitudes and even to how people relate to the times and moral concepts. After WW1 ended, morals were low; Americans degraded and castigated the Germans. When WW2 ends, moral concepts were high and the Americans helped to rebuild Germany and Japan to the great countries they become.

After the Korean Conflict ended, the morals of women declined to a new low with the advent of the birth control pill. No longer would a woman fear unwanted pregnancy, no longer will she remain chaste until marriage, no longer just one or two men in her life. The sky is the limit, the more the merrier. As a result of the women's free sex, sexual diseases proliferate.

Thus the path is set, the lowering of moral options, leads to more allowable corruptions to prevail. In a little over two years after their tours of duty are over, Steve and Ted's paths will entangle their lives and careers with an adorable Monroe look-a-like very 'girlie girl' named Catherine Jane Brooks.

Cathy and Steve are Roslindale High School students at the time they bond. He is the team quarter-back and she a Cheer leader. She obviously fits Thackeray's observation:

'A pair of bright eyes with a dozen glances, suffice to subdue a man, to enslave him, and inflame, to make him forget: they dazzle him so he would give his life to possess them.

Stephen Ryler born Wednesday June 6, 1925, is just two days short of his eighteenth birthday when he graduates from high school. Three days later on June 11, 1943 the 5'11", 165 lb blonde with a flat top hair cut, decides he will not wait to be drafted into the military, enlists in the U.S. Marines. (Wednesday's child,-full of woe).

Eamon Sheerin is born on Saturday March 4, 1905 on Inishmore (Inis Mor) one of the three Aran Island off the shore of western Ireland. From hearing from relatives abroad, his goal is to live in Boston. At sixteen years of age and having no formal education, nor financial power, he earns his ship passage by laboring as a deck hand aboard a liner traveling from Cork Ireland to Boston. The selection of Boston is twofold, first because with his limited knowledge of English, it is the only area in the U.S.A. where there are many Irish folks that speak Gaelic. Second it is the only U.S. port of call for this ocean liner.

Boston, at this time, is the home of the wealthy Brahmans the aristocrat Bostonians, Italians, and Shang e-tighe (shanty) Irish that were born in Ireland or the second generation of Irish ancestry that are born in Boston.

At first it was the Italians who in the early 1800's, flooded in to Boston from overseas, settling mostly in the Boston's land bound North End. Then in the early 1850's, due to the terrible persecutions, and hunger caused by the British, the Irish immigrated to Boston to settle mostly in isolated, almost an island, South Boston. They soon outnumbered the Italians - two to one.

In 1921 the Irish dominated the Boston population of 650,000. However, during the Great Depression (1930-1941) both groups must scrape for a living. To even graduate from high school is a great accomplishment. A job is more important than an education, only the sons of the very few wealthy men go to college. Moreover, the N.I.N.A. signs in the windows of businesses made less employment opportunities for the Irish.

However, at the advent of the Volstead Act in 1919, (prohibition - the greatest contributor to the American Corruption) the Mob rule and actions or lack of, by corrupt police, judges and legislators gave some unemployed Irish, and Italians, underworld crime job opportunities that continue still.

At eighteen Eamon Sheerin meets and marries French Canadian born, sixteen year old Margaret La Chappelle. Due to the fact that she only speaks French and he only Gaelic, it becomes a cold relationship. She does not become a United States citizen, on his twenty-first birthday Eamon does.

Rough hewn Edward Ted, Teddy Sheerin, now 6'1", 189 lbs, was born on Saturday 4/19/1924 to Irish immigrant Eamon and Canadian Margaret Sheerin, a three finger Catholic. Ted's philosophy, while growing up, is might makes right and it continues throughout his life.

Ted's older brother Stanley Stan is born on Wednesday January 4, 1923. (Another Wednesday child). Edward 'Ted, Teddy' is born Saturday April 19, 1924. Sadly their mother dies giving birth to Teddy

Growing up with no maternal relationship and an inexperienced alcoholic father, Ted and Stanley do not receive the love and affection that normal parents give to their off-spring. This lack of parental affection becomes especially so when, because of the circumstances of Margaret's death, Eamon becomes even less than affectionate.

With their dad working as a day laborer, their survival relies mostly on his income. As the boys get to the age of eleven, they go house to house selling the Saturday Evening Post, Liberty magazine and the Ladies Home Journal. For each sale they receive two or three cents. Summer times they mowed grass and in the winter shovel snow for twenty-five cents. On weekends they get five cents for carrying a bucket of illegal beer from the speakeasy to the church lunches.

The depression era has less work available. Less income, means less food, thus the majority of young recruits for WW2 show physical signs of malnutrition.

The Sheerin boys are often left alone, or occasionally are attended by various female friends of Eamon. It does not help when Eamon, in spells of self-pity, spends his meager wages for prohibition style booze - Bathtub gin - to drown his sorrows. Especially so each year, when Teddy's birth date is a reminder that Margaret died birthing him. Teddy grows in to his teen years, unemotional and cold, and when the time comes, he does not seek romance, he just seeks lustful sex.

Eamon believes that Gaelic is a dying language and to be sure that both his boys are fluent in that language, most of the time he speaks to them in Gaelic. He firmly believes that Gaelic is the language of patriots and English - the language of traitors.

Stanley is among the first men drafted in 1940 and the military is his first experience at three meals a day. On Monday January 26, 1942, just seven weeks after FDR declares war on the axis, Stan's AEF 34TH Infantry division, under Major General Russell P. Hartle, lands in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and Stanley's war duty begins. His V-mails to his brother, tell of his excitement at becoming a buck Sergeant.

Stanley Sheerin becomes one of the first and original Army Rangers. A group of soldiers secretly trained to participate in ultra-dangerous missions. The Ranger uniform can be easily identified from other soldiers by the green tam-o-shanter style cap they wear instead of the usual soldier hat. Prepared for any type of combat, they specialize in pre-invasion reconnoitering as well as infiltrating enemy held territory.

On such a mission into the Ploiesti oil fields of Romania Friday February 4, 1944, Stanley steps on a land mine. It does so much pelvic damage that it castrates him. Being deep within enemy lines he could bleed to death before friendly Partisan could get him to a safe zone. However Michael the guardian angel must be with him.

The temperature has fallen to a low ten degrees, freezing the blood, temporarily stopping the flow from his wound. He is brought to a nearby farm of a local Partisan and a veterinarian takes a piece of skin from a new born calf and temporarily seals the damaged area of Stanley's crotch. U.S. Ranger Medics, looking after wounded fellow Rangers, air lift him from the farm to a military hospital in Palermo. This hospital gained much experience in repairing those types of injuries from having aiding those wounded in the capture of Sicily. Here the Army Medics perform a non-penis urinary exit, on Stanley.

After a three month stay in the Palermo Military hospital Stanley travels on a hospital ship, along with dozens of other wounded soldiers, to a military hospital back on his original base at Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Numerous operations follow before Stanley can comfortably sit down to urinate, as well as several pelvic operations so that his walk would not have a significant awkward motion.

Chapter Two

As with most committed couples, Stephen and Cathy experiment with heavy petting. Their sexual activity is limited to fondling, and fingering, to experience an orgasm. They vow to wait until married before going all-the-way, but war changes everything.

The evening before he is to report to Camp Lejeune they are both nervous. "How do I know you will wait for me? I know you are very passionate and enjoy our love making. How will I be sure you will always remain only just mine?"

"I have something for you." She reaches into her purse and removes a photo of herself in a bathing suit. "No other boy will have this, and I promise I will not go out with any boys, I will wait for you. I am only passionate when you are. I love you. I will also say a Rosary every night before I go to sleep, to pray for your safety, and to keep me from temptations. You know, deep in your heart, that I am - and always will be, just yours. Keep this photo close, and it will always be a reminder that I am just yours."

"I may get killed in the war and never have completely enjoyed your body. Cathy, I need you to prove your love for me. Our usual horny heavy petting is not showing you are mine."

Without further persuasion, she surprises him "I want you in me right now."

A jolting surprise to Steve, but typical male, it is all that is needed for him to react. Placing his full lips upon hers, he takes her hand and places it at his crotch. She needs no further encouragement. She maneuvers his zipper to firmly place her warm soft hand upon his now exposed erection. With her other hand she raises her skirt and spreads her French style wide leg panties, then her nervous, shaking, hand guides his penetration.

The first thrust is like an ant sting to her vagina, rough and clumsy, but what follows is like nothing she has ever imagined. How can any girl imagine the rapture and prophetic exaltation of an orgasm from the strong flow from her lover's manliness? All of this occurs just twenty-six days before September 9, 1943, her sixteenth birthday. Like all females, her first venery experience will always be remembered.

The day, the time, the place, even the color of her panties, will remain in her romantic brain forever, Saturday June 15, 1946 the E.T.O. war operation is finally over. The European part of the world is temporarily at peace.

Saturday June 15, 1946, while on a furlough, Steve and Cathy are married in St. Columba's Church. With stiletto heels Cathy stands an exquisite feminine five foot seven at one hundred twenty-nine pounds. Her wedding gown is of elegant white linen that flows from her shoulders past her twenty-two inch waist, accenting the curvature of her pleasantly rounded torso prominence and ends in a short trailing train on the floor.

The French mantilla style veil is thistledown of a delicate broderie anglaise of gossamer weave snowflakes in Irish lace that is a tiara over her braided long blonde tresses. It finalizes enchantingly on her derrière.

Underneath all this elegance she follows tradition, something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue -an old high school ribbon, a new bra, borrowed her sister Jeanne Marie's ankle bracelet, and last but not least, the pale blue panties that she wore the night she lost her virginity to Steve.

The church has a flowing essence of the perfume of many floral arrangements. The organ music is adding to the enchantment of the bride to be. For her it is a thrilling exciting moment, so exciting and heart racing that when Father Timothy Coughlin says, "Do you Catherine Jane Brooks, take Stephen J. Ryler" and before he can continue the excited Cathy exclaims, "I do, I do, oh yes I do." There is a loud roar of laughter from the congregation.


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