American Destiny : Narrative of a Nation, Concise Edition, Volume I to 1877 / Edition 3

American Destiny : Narrative of a Nation, Concise Edition, Volume I to 1877 / Edition 3

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Prentice Hall

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American Destiny : Narrative of a Nation, Concise Edition, Volume I to 1877 / Edition 3

With the political history of the nation as its organizational framework, American Destiny: Narrative of a Nation describes the development and growth of the United States as the product of the myriad actions, ideas, and forces of the immense variety of individuals and groups who together comprise the American people.

In richly detailed prose, the book examines the political, social, economic, and cultural developments that have shaped this country. This elegantly written, concise text offers a lower-price alternative to traditional U.S. history survey textbooks, while maintaining the efficacy of a full four-color map and image program.

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ISBN-13: 9780138146245
Publisher: Prentice Hall
Publication date: 05/13/2008
Series: MyHistoryLab Series
Edition description: Concise
Pages: 592
Product dimensions: 6.40(w) x 9.20(h) x 0.90(d)

Table of Contents

Maps     xv
Graphs     xvii
Feature Essays     xix
Re-Viewing the Past
Debating the Past
Preface     xxi
Supplements for Instructors and Students     xxv
About the Authors     xxviii
Prologue: Beginnings     1
First Peoples     2
The Demise of the Big Mammals     2
The Archaic Period: A World Without Big Mammals     4
The First Sedentary Communities     5
The Maize Revolution     7
The Diffusion of Corn     9
Population Growth After 800     9
Cahokia: The Hub of Mississippian Culture     10
The Collapse of Urban Centers     12
Eurasia and Africa     13
Europe in Ferment     14
Alien Encounters: Europe in the Americas     17
Sightings     18
Columbus's Greatest Triumph-and Error     18
Spain's American Empire     21
Extending Spain's Empire to the North     23
Disease and Population Losses     25
Ecological Imperialism     25
Spain's European Rivals     27
The Protestant Reformation     28
English Beginnings in America     29
The Settlement of Virginia     30
"Purifying" the Church of England     33
Bradford and Plymouth Colony     35
Winthrop and Massachusetts Bay Colony     36
Troublemakers: Roger Williams and Anne Hutchinson     39
Other New England Colonies     41
Pequot War and King Philip's War     41
Maryland and the Carolinas     42
French and Dutch Settlements     44
The Middle Colonies     45
Cultural Collisions     47
Cultural Fusions     49
American Society in the Making     52
Settlement of New France     53
Society in New Mexico, Texas, and California     54
The English Prevail on the Atlantic Seaboard     56
The Chesapeake Colonies     57
The Lure of Land     57
"Solving" the Labor Shortage: Slavery     58
Prosperity in a Pipe: Tobacco     59
Bacon's Rebellion     61
The Carolinas     63
Home and Family in the South     65
Georgia and the Back Country     66
Puritan New England     68
Puritan Women and Children     69
Visible Puritan Saints and Others      70
Democracies Without Democrats     71
The Dominion of New England     72
Salem Bewitched     74
A Merchant's World     76
The Middle Colonies: Economic Basis     77
The Middle Colonies: An Intermingling of Peoples     80
The Best Poor Man's Country     82
The Politics of Diversity     82
Becoming Americans     84
America in the British Empire     86
The British Colonial System     87
Mercantilism     89
The Navigation Acts     90
The Effects of Mercantilism     92
The Great Awakening     93
The Rise and Fall of Jonathan Edwards     96
The Enlightenment in America     97
Colonial Scientific Achievements     99
Repercussions of Distant Wars     100
The Great War for the Empire     102
Britain Victorious: The Peace of Paris     105
Burdens of an Expanded Empire     106
Tightening Imperial Controls     108
The Sugar Act     110
American Colonists Demand Rights     111
The Stamp Act: The Pot Set to Boiling     112
Rioters or Rebels?     114
Taxation or Tyranny?     115
The Declaratory Act     116
The Townshend Duties     117
The Boston Massacre     118
The Pot Spills Over     120
The Tea Act Crisis     121
From Resistance to Revolution     122
The American Revolution     126
The Shot Heard Round the World     127
The Second Continental Congress     129
The Battle of Bunker Hill     129
The Great Declaration     130
1776: The Balance of Forces     134
Loyalists     136
Early British Victories     137
Saratoga and the French Alliance     139
The War Moves South     142
Victory at Yorktown     143
Negotiating a Favorable Peace     145
National Government Under the Articles of Confederation     147
Financing the War     150
State Republican Governments     152
Social Reform     153
Effects of the Revolution on Women     155
Growth of a National Spirit     157
The Great Land Ordinances     158
National Heroes     160
The Federalist Era: Nationalism Triumphant     162
Inadequacies of the Articles of Confederation     163
Daniel Shays's "Little Rebellion"     164
To Philadelphia, and the Constitution     165
The Great Convention     166
The Compromises That Produced the Constitution     168
Ratifying the Constitution     171
Washington as President     173
Congress Under Way     175
Hamilton and Financial Reform     176
The Ohio Country: A Dark and Bloody Ground     180
Revolution in France     181
Federalists and Republicans: The Rise of Political Parties     182
1794: Crisis and Resolution     183
Jay's Treaty     184
1795: All's Well That Ends Well     185
Washington's Farewell     186
The Election of 1796     187
The XYZ Affair     189
The Alien and Sedition Acts     190
The Kentucky and Virginia Resolves     191
Jeffersonian Democracy     194
Jefferson Elected President     195
The Federalist Contribution     196
Thomas Jefferson: Political Theorist     197
Jefferson as President     199
Jefferson's Attack on the Judiciary     200
The Barbary Pirates      201
The Louisiana Purchase     202
The Federalists Discredited     206
Lewis and Clark     207
The Burr Conspiracy     209
Napoleon and the British     211
The Impressment Controversy     212
The Embargo Act     213
Jeffersonian Democracy     216
National Growing Pains     218
Madison in Power     219
Tecumseh and Indian Resistance     220
Depression and Land Hunger     222
Opponents of War     222
The War of 1812     224
Britain Assumes the Offensive     227
"The Star Spangled Banner"     228
The Treaty of Ghent     230
The Hartford Convention     231
The Battle of New Orleans     232
Victory Weakens the Federalists     233
Anglo-American Rapprochement     234
The Transcontinental Treaty     235
The Monroe Doctrine     236
The Era of Good Feelings     238
New Sectional Issues     240
The Missouri Compromise     241
The Election of 1824     244
John Quincy Adams as President     246
Calhoun's Exposition and Protest     246
The Meaning of Sectionalism     248
Toward a National Economy     250
Gentility and the Consumer Revolution     251
Birth of the Factory     252
An Industrial Proletariat?     253
Lowell's Waltham System: Women as Factory Workers     255
Irish and German Immigrants     256
The Persistence of the Household System     257
Rise of Corporations     258
Cotton Revolutionizes the South     258
Revival of Slavery     261
Roads to Market     264
Transportation and the Government     266
Development of Steamboats     267
The Canal Boom     267
New York City: Emporium of the Western World     268
The Marshall Court     270
Jacksonian Democracy     276
"Democratizing" Politics     277
1828: The New Party System in Embryo     278
The Jacksonian Appeal     280
The Spoils System     280
President of All the People     281
Jackson: "The Bank ... I Will Kill It!"     282
Jackson's Bank Veto     284
Jackson Versus Calhoun     286
Indian Removals      287
The Nullification Crisis     289
Boom and Bust     292
The Jacksonians     293
Rise of the Whigs     294
Martin Van Buren: Jacksonianism Without Jackson     296
The Log Cabin Campaign     297
The Making of Middle-Class America     300
Tocqueville: Democracy in America     301
The Family Recast     302
The Second Great Awakening     304
Backwoods Utopias     306
The Age of Reform     309
"Demon Rum"     311
The Abolitionist Crusade     313
Women's Rights     316
The Romantic View of Life     318
Emerson and Thoreau     319
Edgar Allan Poe     320
Nathaniel Hawthorne     321
Herman Melville     321
Walt Whitman     322
Education for Democracy     324
The State of the Colleges     325
Westward Expansion     328
Tyler's Troubles     329
The Webster-Ashburton Treaty     330
The Texas Question     330
Manifest Destiny     332
Life on the Trail     332
California and Oregon      334
The Election of 1844     335
Polk as President     336
War with Mexico     337
To the Halls of Montezuma     338
The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo     340
The Fruits of Victory: Further Enlargement of the United States     341
Slavery: The Storm Clouds Gather     342
The Election of 1848     343
The Gold Rush     344
The Compromise of 1850     346
The Sections Go Their Ways     350
The Economics of Slavery     351
The Sociology of Slavery     353
Psychological Effects of Slavery     356
Manufacturing in the South     358
The Northern Industrial Juggernaut     358
A Nation of Immigrants     360
How Wage Earners Lived     360
Foreign Commerce     362
Steam Conquers the Atlantic     363
Canals and Railroads     364
Financing the Railroads     365
Railroads and the Economy     366
Railroads and the Sectional Conflict     369
The Economy on the Eve of Civil War     370
The Coming of the Civil War     372
The Slave Power Comes North      373
Uncle Tom's Cabin     373
Diversions Abroad: The "Young America" Movement     374
Stephen Douglas: "The Little Giant"     376
The Kansas-Nebraska Act     377
Know-Nothings, Republicans, and the Demise of the Two-Party System     379
"Bleeding Kansas"     380
Senator Sumner Becomes a Martyr for Abolitionism     383
Buchanan Tries His Hand     384
The Dred Scott Decision     385
The Proslavery Lecompton Constitution     387
The Emergence of Lincoln     388
The Lincoln-Douglas Debates     389
John Brown's Raid     392
The Election of 1860     393
The Secession Crisis     396
The War to Save the Union     400
Lincoln's Cabinet     401
Fort Sumter: The First Shot     402
The Blue and the Gray     402
The Test of Battle: Bull Run     405
Paying for the War     407
Politics as Usual     407
Behind Confederate Lines     408
War in the West: Shiloh     410
McClellan: The Reluctant Warrior     411
Lee Counterattacks: Antietam     413
The Emancipation Proclamation      414
The Draft Riots     416
The Emancipated People     416
African American Soldiers     417
Antietam to Gettysburg     418
Lincoln Finds His General: Grant at Vicksburg     422
Economic and Social Effects, North and South     423
Women in Wartime     424
Grant in the Wilderness     426
Sherman in Georgia     427
To Appomattox Court House     430
Winners, Losers, and the Future     430
Reconstruction and the South     435
The Assassination of Lincoln     436
Presidential Reconstruction     436
Republican Radicals     439
Congress Rejects Johnsonian Reconstruction     440
The Fourteenth Amendment     441
The Reconstruction Acts     442
Congress Supreme     443
The Fifteenth Amendment     444
"Black Republican" Reconstruction: Scalawags and Carpetbaggers     445
The Ravaged Land     448
Sharecropping and the Crop-Lien System     450
The White Backlash     452
Grant as President     454
The Disputed Election of 1876     455
The Compromise of 1877      457
Appendix     A-1
The Declaration of Independence     A-3
The Constitution of the United States of America     A-6
Amendments to the Constitution     A-14
Supplementary Reading     A-21
Present-Day United States     A-42
Present-Day World     A-44
Credits     C-1
Index     I-1

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