American Government in Global Perspective

American Government in Global Perspective

by William A. Schultze



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ISBN-13: 9780071093613
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Create (TM)
Publication date: 06/28/1997

Table of Contents

Part I Introduction
1. American Government in the Global Setting
Studying American Politics: From Headlines to Theories
The Building blocks of Political Thinking
The Public Agendas of Recent Political History
Caution: Beware of Globaloney
Key Concepts
2. Global Political Economy
Political Economy: The Uneasy Relations Between Economics and Politics
A Typology of Political Economic Systems
Democracy and Economics
Key Concepts
Part II The Founding of Living Governmental Institutions
3. The American Constitution
The Great Rehearsal?
The Roots of Revolution: Nationalism, Economics and Human Rights
Revolutions of the Global Integration Era
The Roots of the American Revolution
The Constitutional Convention
Principles of the Constitution
Key Concepts
4. Federalism
The Global Importance of U. S. Federalism
Federalism and Political Economy
Why Keep Federalism?
The Institutional Structure of Federalism
Not Just Conflict, but Cooperation in the Federal System
(and more...)

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