American History as a Political Tool - The APUSH Curriculum Outline

American History as a Political Tool - The APUSH Curriculum Outline

by Hal Rounds


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American parents are increasingly concerned with the content of lessons their children are presented and expected to learn in schools. One area of concern is United States history. Recent class materials and the curriculum overall have adopted a theme of the United States as a nation that has caused more harm and unfairness in the world, and within our own borders, than good. In order to accomplish these teachings, many critical elements of the history of the United States have either been left out, or characterized to seem unfair, oppressive, or obsolete in various ways. Some critics have claimed that outright falsehoods are being injected into these subjects. The College Board, responsible for some of the most effective testing programs in the past, has built on this foundation a new regimen of teaching that they title "Advanced Placement United States History ®," or "APUSH." Is this program actually helpful in educating our next generation of citizens? Or is it part of the problem? This book reviews many elements of the curriculum, and presents the author's criticisms. It is up to the readers to determine if the "APUSH" history curriculum is something they want to guide their children's view of America.

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Hal Rounds was born and raised in California, and is a graduate of the University of California with a degree in Economics. He was an Air Force officer and is a veteran of the Viet Nam war. After a career in air transportation, he retired in Rural Tennessee. He also is an attorney, a member of the bar of the Supreme Court of Tennessee, and of the Supreme Court of the United States. He has traveled the country teaching the Constitution to citizen groups, and is active in local and state politics. He has written letters and articles published in various local and national journals, and has testified as an expert and advocate in hearings, and has drafted and assisted with bills that have been adapted into law in the state Assembly and local government.

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