American Knights (2): Miles Knight: The Patriot

American Knights (2): Miles Knight: The Patriot


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American Knights Series II
"Miles Knight: The Patriot"

This book is historical and ancestral; Miles Knight, the 5th GGrandfather (circa 1747) of author Lance Knight came to the American Colonies as an indentured servant.His indenture contract was purchased by a gentleman tobacco farmer named John Mead from Connecticut.
Mr. Mead ultimately adopted the young, Miles Knight, into the Mead family who had years before adopted an English baby name Mary Ingles. Miles and Mary fell in love and were married in 1771,at which time John Mead gave them a 200 acre farm in North Carolina, as a wedding present. He also gave them a black slave by the name of Big Boy. Miles immediately freed Big Boy and asked him to come south with them to North Carolina where they created a fine plantation from the acreage.
American and ancestral history is woven into this fictional account of the life and times of Miles and Mary Knight. The tapestry reveals the kinds of lives colonial Americans experienced as they were suffering high taxes and other excesses at the hands of the British.
Even though much of the American citizenry was sparsely populated in remote farms and villages, the siren call of American Patriots grew louder and they resisted more violently the aggression of the British Army and Navy.
The Americans who were loyal (Loyalists) to the Crown were ostracized and hated by the Patriots as traitors because they worked and fought on the side of England.
So even with the success Miles, Mary and Big Boy had with the new farm/plantation, they were being inexorably drawn into the conflict. John Mead became Brigadier General John Mead per appointment by Thomas Jefferson.
Miles was inducted in the 10th North Carolina Regiment of the Continental Army by John Mead.
The reader will experience the mystery, the fighting, the indecision and the joys of these young American Knights as they firmly plant their lives into the soil and the pride of the American fight for freedom and independence from a repressive, domineering, occupying force called the British Empire.

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About the Author

Author Lance Knight resides in Texas where he is a Christian, a Vietnam Veteran and a proud Grandfather of four. Knight enjoys historical research and writing historical fiction as well as Christian fiction. Knight loves sports, especially football.
Author Raymond D. Mason resides in Oregon and aside from helping and advising Lance Knight, has written and published over 60 books himself. Raymond is very active in his community and loves performing regularly in Karaoke venues around the area.

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American Knights: Miles Knight; the Patriot 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Karen Pirnot for Readers' Favorite American Knights - Miles Knight: The Patriot is the second of the American Knight family books by authors Knight and Mason. It takes off nicely from the first book and there is also a preface in which those not acquainted with the first book can catch up on characters and events. Miles Knight has come from Ireland as an indentured servant and has endeared himself to the Mead family. After marrying the Mead daughter, Mary, the newlyweds move to North Carolina to begin a new life on John Mead's farm, which has been gifted to Miles and Mary. It is 1774 and there are grumblings of independence. Miles is comfortable on the tobacco farm until he has an altercation with a sheriff. He and Mary then decide to purchase a farm in Georgia where they can begin a new life.  Author Lance Knight and Raymond Mason do a wonderful job of creating strong and enduring characters. Miles is a sturdy and religious man who will fight to the death for his country, his family and the rights of others. Mary is a true woman of depth who gives birth to two sons in primitive conditions and then befriends Native Americans who teach her how to defend her home and her children. The book skillfully informs the reader about decisions to sever ties with the crown of England. The research is beautifully done such that readers are drawn into the lives of ordinary people who lived and worked during the formation of the new country. Readers learn that Miles Knight has accepted a covert military position with his father-in-law, John, and the next chapter in the series begins.