American Naval History: A Guide / Edition 3

American Naval History: A Guide / Edition 3

by Paolo E. Coletta
Pub. Date:
Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc.

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American Naval History: A Guide / Edition 3

From its hasty and urgent creation during the American Revolution through periods of relative neglect, the United States Navy has maintained an important role in the security of the United States, and has been involved in many of its crucial historical events. American Naval History: A Guide pays attention to diplomacy, maritime issues, aviation, geography, scientific and technological advancements, and other historical disciplines. It also has entries on the naval histories of America's closest allies and enemies. A first edition of the book was printed by University Press of America as An Annotated and Selected Bibliography of American Naval History (1988). Vast changes have occurred since that time. Titles dealing with the development of sea power in the ancient and medieval world have been omitted. Instead, the book has modernized its listings by including titles from the last years of the Reagan presidency, George Bush's presidency, and the first two years of Bill Clinton's presidency. The list of periodicals has been expanded and revised considerably. Additionally, the titles now contain useful abbreviations that detail whether the texts include maps, diagrams, illustrations, glossaries, and appendixes.

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ISBN-13: 9780810833029
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc.
Publication date: 02/16/2000
Edition description: Third Edition
Pages: 960
Product dimensions: 5.76(w) x 8.76(h) x 2.25(d)

Table of Contents

1.Bibliographic Aids and Reference Sources
B.Ships and Aircraft24
C.Chronologies, Dictionaries, Encyclopedias46
D.Naval Terms53
E.Maps and Battle Diagrams56
F.Personnel Directories58
G.Films, Videos, Audio Cassettes, and Museum Displays60
H.Transcripts of Oral Interviews62
I.Fiction and Literature63
2.Concepts and Definitions65
3.Ships, Colonies, and Wars, 1689-177669
4.Sea Power in the Revolutionary War81
5.A Chip on the European War Table, 1783-1815123
6.The U.S. Navy at Peace and War, 1815-1861155
7.Naval Power in the Civil War, 1861-1865173
8.The Post-Civil War Denouement and the Rise of the New Navy, 1865-1898217
9.The Spanish-American War, Philippine Insurrection, and Boxer Rebellion229
10.The U.S. Navy Comes of Age, 1898-1914239
11.Naval Power and World War I: Europe, 1914-1917253
12.The U.S. Navy in World War I, 1917-1919267
13.Naval Disarmament and Rearmament, 1918-1941281
14.The Coming of World War II321
15.World War II in Atlantic Waters, September 1939-December 1941337
16.The U.S. Navy in World War II: Atlantic Theater
B.Northern Europe385
C.The Mediterranean397
D.Battle of the Atlantic404
17.The U.S. Navy in World War II: Pacific Theater. Part I, From Pearl Harbor to Guadalcanal
B.Pearl Harbor436
C.Wake, Guam, and the Loss of the Southern Resources Area449
D.Early Allied Carrier Raids and the Battle of the Coral Sea457
E.Battle of Midway459
F.The Aleutians464
18.The U.S. Navy in World War II: Pacific Theater. Part II, The Campaign against Rabaul467
19.The U.S. Navy in World War II: Pacific Theater. Part III, The Dual Advance and End of the Japanese Empire
B.Submarine Warfare500
20.The Cold War and American Defense Reorganization, 1945-1950507
21.Korea and Continued Communist Containment, 1950-1961537
22.Kennedy, Johnson, and Sea Power in the 1960s and 1970s555
23.The Challenge of the Soviet Navy, and the U.S. Navy's Forward Maritime Strategy583
24.Sea Power for the 1980s597
25.Reagan and the Rearming of America619
26.Reagan and Nuclear Weapons: START, SDI, and SALT without SALT647
27.To Russia with Love: The Bush Administration and the First Term of William Clinton673
Special Topics
A.Amphibious Operations709
C.Decorations and Awards742
D.Education, Ethics, and Leadership744
E.Family Life, Retirement, Widows756
F.Ceremonies, Drills, and Traditions760
G.Intelligence and Counterintelligence761
H.Insurgency and Counterinsurgency773
J.Maritime Law788
K.Merchant Marine792
L.Mine Warfare797
O.Ocean Science806
Q.Reserve Forces818
R.Special Units819
S.Strategy, Tactics, and War Games823
T.Terrorism and Antiterrorism836
U.Uniforms, Badges, and Insignia840
V.Women in the Navy842
X.Music and Art855
Y.Physical Fitness858
Personal Author Index861
Subject Index919
About the Author935

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