The American Past: A Survey of American History, Enhanced Edition, Volume I / Edition 8

The American Past: A Survey of American History, Enhanced Edition, Volume I / Edition 8

by Joseph R. Conlin
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Cengage Learning

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The American Past: A Survey of American History, Enhanced Edition, Volume I / Edition 8

Author Joseph R. Conlin's award-winning teaching and writing styles are reflected in this colorful and engaging look at the individuals, events, and ideas that have shaped this nation's past. Organized into short, easy-to-read chapters, this text sets the story in a political context, weaving in social, cultural, economic, intellectual, constitutional, diplomatic, and military events along the way. American history has never been so eye-opening--and enjoyable. This Enhanced Edition also shows you how to use the maps, images, and charts in the book to gain an edge in your studies. A brief introduction to the text--"Studying from Primary Source Materials"--reveals some of the tricks to uncovering the past that your instructor wants you to know. "Discovery" sections at the end of every chapter assist you in practicing these skills, helping you to connect the text's main ideas and excel in your course.

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ISBN-13: 9780495566106
Publisher: Cengage Learning
Publication date: 01/10/2008
Edition description: Revised
Pages: 552
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Table of Contents

1. Discoveries: Indians, Europeans, and the Americas About 15,000 B.C. to A.D. 1550. 2. Settlements Across the Sea: The Reasons, the Failures, and a Success 1550-1624. 3. Thirteen Colonies: England's American Empire 1620-1732. 4. English Intentions, American Facts of Life: Colonial Society in the 1600s. 5. Other Americans: Colonial Indians and Africans. 6. Competition for a Continent: French America and British America, 1608-1763. 7. Family Quarrels: Dissension in the Colonies, 1763-1770. 8. From Riot to Rebellion: The Road to Independence 1770-1776. 9. The War for Independence: Winning the Revolution 1776-1781. 10. Inventing a Country: American Constitutions 1781-1789. 11. We the People: Putting the Constitution to Work 1789-1800. 12. Jeffersonian America: Expansion and Frustration 1800-1815. 13. Beyond the Appalachians: The West in the Early Nineteenth Century. 14. Nation Awakening: Political and Economic Development 1815-1824. 15. The People's Hero: Andrew Jackson and a New Era 1824-1830. 16. In the Shadow of Old Hickory: Personalities and Politics 1830-1842. 17. Religion and Reform: Evangelicals and Enthusiasts, 1800-1850. 18. A Different Country: The South and Slavery. 19. The Peculiar Institution: Slavery as It Was Perceived; Slavery as It Was. 20. From Sea to Shining Sea: American Expansion 1820-1848. 21. Apples of Discord: The Poisoned Fruits of Victory 1844-1854. 22. The Collapse of the Union: From Debate to Violence 1854-1861. 23. Tidy Plans, Ugly Realities: The Civil War through 1862. 24. Driving Old Dixie Down: General Grant's War of Attrition 1863-1865. 25. Aftermath: Reconstructing the Union; Failing the Freedmen 1865-1877.

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