American Petriots

American Petriots

by Steve Saullo


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American Petriots is a meticulously researched work of historic fiction focused upon the American Revolution, entertainingly geared for the hearts of the young, and those who are young at heart. This epic fable covers the major events, points-of-interest, and historic personalities of the war for independence. The theme of the work is an encouragement that even the efforts of the seemingly small and insignificant can make a profound difference in our world.American Petriots is a character driven collection of chapter vignettes, each dealing with the American drive for independence. The historic details are solid, and wrapped in the humorous and thoughtful antics of various animals and pets on the periphery of events. The book includes the care-taking owls in Ben Franklin's workshop, the carrier pigeons that may or may not have triggered the Boston Massacre, bumbling wharf rats that buy precious time for the Boston Tea Party, the horse whose terrified heroics saved Paul Revere, and the mice who quietly aided Jefferson in the writing of the Declaration of Independence. The later chapters focus upon Washington's foxhounds and some patriotic alley cats from Boston. These latter characters form the American Petriots, and use surfing and skateboarding techniques to secretly safeguard Washington's boats across the icy Delaware, stumble upon and capture the treacherous Benedict Arnold, help the American slave (and hero) James Armistead spy on Cornwallis for Lafayette, and are instrumental in the victory at Yorktown. Finally, the two wharf rats, long in retirement, inadvertently supply the lyrics for the Star Spangled Banner for Francis Scott Key. There is so much more. American Petriots handles each notable event with entertaining reverence in order to pass the spark for history and the love for reading along to your child. American Petriots, like the fine books of Rush Limbaugh in the Rush Revere series, and the fine books of Callista Gingrich with Ellis the Elephant, demonstrates that there is currently a popular trend of history books suitable for children.

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