The American Promise, Volume II: From 1865: A Compact History / Edition 4

The American Promise, Volume II: From 1865: A Compact History / Edition 4

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Bedford/St. Martin's
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The American Promise, Volume II: From 1865: A Compact History / Edition 4

You can have it all! A mid-sized alternative, The American Promise: A Compact History is the perfect compromise for instructors who want all the features of a full-length text in an affordable format. Condensed by the authors to deliver the latest scholarship in an engaging, flexible format, the fourth edition includes a lavish visual and special features program, study tools that rival any survey text, and a memorable narrative enlivened by the voices of hundreds of Americans.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780312534080
Publisher: Bedford/St. Martin's
Publication date: 12/16/2009
Edition description: Fourth Edition
Pages: 528
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 10.80(h) x 0.80(d)

Table of Contents

Note: Each chapter ends with Suggestions for Further Reading and a "Reviewing the Chapter" section which includes a Timeline, Key Terms, Review questions, and Making Connections.

1. Ancient America: Before 1492
Opening Vignette: Archaeological discovery proves that humans inhabited America for more than 10,000 years
Archaeology and History The First Americans
Beyond America's Borders: Nature's Immigrants
Archaic Hunters and Gatherers Agricultural Settlements and Chiefdoms Native Americans in the 1490s The Mexica: A Meso-American Culture Conclusion: The World of Ancient Americans
Reviewing the Chapter

2. Europeans Encounter the New World, 14921600
Opening Vignette: Christopher Columbus encounters the Tainos of San Salvador
Europe in the Age of Exploration A Surprising New World in the Western Atlantic Spanish Exploration and Conquest
Documenting the American Promise: Justifying Conquest
The New World and Sixteenth-Century Europe Conclusion: The Promise of the New World for Europeans
Reviewing the Chapter

3. The Southern Colonies in the Seventeenth Century, 16011700
Opening Vignette: Pocahontas "rescues" John Smith
An English Colony on the Chesapeake A Tobacco Society
Beyond America's Borders: American Tobacco and European Consumers
The Evolution of Chesapeake Society Religion and Revolt in the Spanish Borderland Toward a Slave Labor System Conclusion: The Growth of English Colonies Based on Export Crops and Slave Labor
Reviewing the Chapter

4. The Northern Colonies in the Seventeenth Century, 16011700
Opening Vignette: Roger Williams is banished from Puritan Massachusetts
Puritan Origins: The English Reformation Puritans and the Settlement of New England
Documenting the American Promise: King Philip Considers Christianity
The Evolution of New England Society The Founding of the Middle Colonies The Colonies and the British Empire Conclusion: An English Model of Colonization in North America
Reviewing the Chapter

5. Colonial America in the Eighteenth Century, 17011770
Opening Vignette: Young Benjamin Franklin arrives in Philadelphia
A Growing Population and Expanding Economy in British North America New England: From Puritan Settlers to Yankee Traders The Middle Colonies: Immigrants, Wheat, and Work The Southern Colonies: Land of Slavery Unifying Experiences Bonds of the British Empire
Documenting the American Promise: Missionaries Report on California Missions
Conclusion: The Dual Identity of British North American Colonists
Reviewing the Chapter

6. The British Empire and the Colonial Crisis, 17541775
Opening Vignette: Loyalist governor Thomas Hutchinson stands his ground in radical Massachusetts
The Seven Years' War, 17541763
Historical Question: How Long Did the Seven Years' War Last in Indian Country?
The Sugar and Stamp Acts, 17631765
The Townshend Acts and Economic Retaliation, 17671770
The Tea Party and the Coercive Acts, 17701774
Domestic Insurrections, 17741775
Conclusion: How Far Does Liberty Go?
Reviewing the Chapter

7. The War for America, 17751783
Opening Vignette: Abigail Adams eagerly awaits independence
The Second Continental Congress
The Promise of Technology: Arming the Soldiers: Muskets and Rifles
The First Year of War, 17751776
The Home Front The Campaigns of 17771779: The North and West The Southern Strategy and the End of the War Conclusion: Why the British Lost
Reviewing the Chapter

8. Building a Republic, 17751789
Opening Vignette: James Madison comes of age in the midst of revolution
The Articles of Confederation The Sovereign States
Documenting the American Promise: Blacks Petition for Freedom and Rights
The Critical Period The United States Constitution Ratification of the Constitution Conclusion: The "Republican Remedy"
Reviewing the Chapter

9. The New Nation Takes Form, 17891800
Opening Vignette: Alexander Hamilton struggles with the national debt
The Search for Stability
Beyond America's Borders: France, England, and Woman's Rights in the 1790s
Hamilton's Economic Policies Conflicts West, East, and South Federalists and Republicans Conclusion: Parties Nonetheless
Reviewing the Chapter

10. Republicans in Power, 18001824
Opening Vignette: The Shawnee chief Tecumseh attempts to forge a pan-Indian confederacy
Jefferson's Presidency The Madisons in the White House
The Promise of Technology: Stoves Transform Cooking
Women's Status in the Early Republic Monroe and Adams Conclusion: Republican Simplicity Becomes Complex
Reviewing the Chapter

11. The Expanding Republic, 18151840
Opening Vignette: The rise of Andrew Jackson, symbol of a self-confident and expanding nation
The Market Revolution

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