American Realism Revisited: Lethal Minds and Latent Threats

American Realism Revisited: Lethal Minds and Latent Threats

by Hakim J. Hazim


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Al-Qaeda and other militant cults are nothing new to the world. Cults of this type worship God by using violence against unbelievers to advance their cause. Idea or religious based justifications for violence are the impetuses behind their actions.

American Realism Revisited is an assessment of the vital issues at stake for America, its allies, and its potential enemies. Author Hakim Hazim brings these issues to the forefront in a clear, nonpolitical, and unbiased way that allows the reader to draw his or her own conclusions. The chapters are a compilation of research papers that touch on the following:

  • Attacking the enemy by suicide bombings
  • Hazim's proposed militant cult theory
  • The fate of democratic reform in Iraq
  • America's relationship with Russia

Terrorism has changed the face of America-and maybe even her soul. Democracy as we once knew it is forever changed. There is no shortage of militant cults, and, unfortunately, those who are eager and willing to follow them. Hazim invites you to take a journey and gain insight into lethal minds and latent threats facing our country today.

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ISBN-13: 9780595370337
Publisher: iUniverse, Incorporated
Publication date: 10/28/2005
Pages: 176
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