American Sexual Histories

American Sexual Histories

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American Sexual Histories

American Sexual Histories is a first-rate collection of fourteen articles investigating human sexuality in America from the colonial period to the modern day.

  • Contains fourteen essays by leading scholars investigating American sexual history from colonial times to the modern day.
  • Includes general and sectional introductions, primary documents, questions for students, and further reading lists
  • Covers the most crucial topics explored in sexual history including reproductive issues, sexual practices, relationships, gender roles and sexual identity.

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ISBN-13: 9780631220800
Publisher: Wiley, John & Sons, Incorporated
Publication date: 01/26/2001
Series: Blackwell Readers in American Social and Cultural History
Pages: 436
Product dimensions: 9.21(w) x 6.14(h) x 0.94(d)

About the Author

Elizabeth Reis teaches history and women's studies at the University of Oregon. She is the author of Damned Women: Sinners and Witches in Puritan New England (1997) and the editor of Spellbound: Women and Witchcraft in America (1998).

Table of Contents

Series Editor's Preface.


About the Contributors.


Part I: Early America:.

1. "Things Fearful to Name": Bestiality in Early America: John Murrin.

Document A: Of Plymouth Plantation: The Pilgrims in America: William Blandford.

Document B: Records of the Colony and Plantation of New Haven, from 1638 to 1649.

Further Reading.

2. Eroticizing the Middle Ground: Anglo-Indian Sexual Relations along the Eighteenth-Century Frontier: Richard Godbeer.

Document A: John Rolfe to Sir Thomas Dale, April 1614.

Document B: A New Voyage to Carolina: John Lawson.

Document C: Quebec to Carolina in 1785-1786: Robert B. Hunter, Jr.

Further Reading.

3. "Girling of it" in Eighteenth-Century New Hampshire: Laurel Thatcher Ulrich and Lois K. Stabler.

Document A: Bundling: Its Origins, Progress, and Decline in America: Henry Stiles.

Document B: The Ladies Library.

Document C: Female Policy Detected, or the Arts of a Designing Woman Laid Open: Edward Ward.

Further Reading.

Part II: Nineteenth Century:.

4. The Psychology of Free Love: Sexuality in the Oneida Community: Lawrence Foster.

Document A: History of American Socialisms: John Humphrey Noyes.

Document B: Male Continence: John Humphrey Noyes.

Further Reading.

5. Ministerial Misdeeds: The Onderdonk Trial and Sexual Harassment in the 1840s: Patricia Cline Cohen.

Document A: Trial of the Right Rev. Benjamin T. Onderdonk, D.D., Bishop of New York.

Document B: De Darkies Comic Al-Me-Nig, 1846.

Further Reading.

6. White Women, Black Men, and Adultery in the Antebellum South: Martha Hodes.

Document A: Lewis Bourne Divorce Petition, Louisa County, Jan. 20, 1825.

Further Reading.

Part III: Early Twentieth Century:.

7. Hysteria: The Revolt of the Good Girl: Elizabeth Lunbeck.

Document A: The Case of Miss A: A Preliminary Report of a Psychoanalytic Study and Treatment of a Case of Self-Mutilation: L. E. Emerson.

Further Reading.

8. Christian Brotherhood or Sexual Perversion? Homosexual Identities and the Construction of Sexual Boundaries in the World War I Era: George Chauncey, Jr.

Document A: Alleged Immoral Conditions and Practices at the Naval Training Station, Newport, R.I.

Document B: The Intersexes: A History of Similisexualism: Edward Irenaeus Prime Stevenson.

Document C: Sexual Perversion, Satyriasis, and Nymphomania: G. Frank Lydston, M.D.

Further Reading.

9. About to Meet her Maker: Women, Doctors, Dying Declarations, and the State's Investigation of Abortion, Chicago, 1867-1940: Leslie J. Reagan.

Document A: A Maryland Abortionist Gets No Pardon.

Document B: Dying Declarations Obtained in Abortion Case as Condition to Rendering Aid.

Document C: Comments of "Esther E." in The Birth Control Review.

Further Reading.

10. Contraceptive Consumers: Gender and the Political Economy of Birth Control in the 1930s: Andrea Tone.

Document A: The Fear that "Blights" Romance and Ages Women Prematurely and The Incompatible Marriage: Is it a Case for Doctor or Lawyer?.

Document B: Facts and Frauds in Women's Hygiene: A Medical Guide Against Misleading Claims and Dangerous Products: Rachel Lynn Palmer and Sarah K. Greenberg.

Document C: What Do the American Women Think About Birth Control?: Henry F. Pringle.

Document D: The Accident of Birth.

Further Reading.

Part IV: Modern America:.

11. Mixing Bodies and Cultures: The Meaning of America's Fascination with Sex between "Orientals" and "Whites": Henry Yu.

Document A: A Stanford Girl Weds a Chinese.

Document B and C: My Oriental Husbands, Mrs. Emma Fong Kuno and Why Japanese and Americans Should Not Intermarry.

Document D: Intermarriage: Standpoint and Tentative Questionnaire - Confidential.

Further Reading.

12. The Sexualized Woman: The Lesbian, The Prostitute, and the Containment of Female Sexuality in Postwar America: Donna Penn.

Document A: Variations in Sexual Behavior: A Psychodynamic Study of Deviations in Various Expressions of Sexual Behavior: Frank Caprio.

Document B: I am a Homosexual Woman, Jane McKinnon.

Document C: The Detective, James Mills.

Document D: Beebo Brinker: Ann Bannon.

Further Reading.

13. The Population Bomb and the Sexual Revolution: Toward Choice: Rickie Solinger.

Document A: The Slavery of Sex Freedom: America's Moral Crisis: Howard Whitman.

Document B: Are We Still Stereotyping the Unmarried Mother?: Rose Bernstein.

Document C: Population Crisis: Hearings Before the Subcommittee on Foreign Aid Expenditures of the Committee on Government Operations.

Further Reading.

14. Sex Change and the Popular Press: Historical Notes on Transsexuality in the United States, 1930-1955: Joanne Meyerowitz.

Document A: Girl Changes Into Man.

Document B: Psychopathia Transexualis: Dr. D. O. Cauldwell.

Document C: New Sex Switches: Behind the Sensational Headlines Loom Unpleasant Medical Facts.

Document D: Letter to the Editor of Sexology.

Further Reading.


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