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America's Bird: The Many Faces of Pheasant Hunting

America's Bird: The Many Faces of Pheasant Hunting

by Steve Smith


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Steve Smith has hunted pheasants for more than five decades in every major pheasant state – he’s been to South Dakota thirty-three times, plus North Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Montana, Minnesota, Wisconsin, as well as in his home state of Michigan. As the editor of The Pointing Dog Journal and The Retriever Journal magazines, he has been privy to the secrets of the great writers who were authorities on pheasant hunting, including his good friends Gene Hill and Michael McIntosh. In this book, he shows that there are more ways to hunt this great bird than any other, everything from walking them up in ditches, to shooting them as they fly overhead in a driven shoot in the British Isles, because he’s done it all. Shooting preserves, high-end lodges, private ground, public land. Hunting techniques for cover types – big fields, cattail sloughs, linear cover along creek beds and fencelines, small-party hunting as well as one man and one dog. Speaking of dogs, a subject near to his heart, he covers the flushing and pointing dogs and how to use them on pheasants. Guns and loads, shooting techniques. Advice for the traveling pheasant hunter, when to go, what to expect, and what to do not just in the good years, but the bad years as well. In all, this is the distilled wisdom of one of this country’s most well-known outdoor authors as he teaches you about this great upland bird, the one pursued by more hunters than any other. Smith is an expert – and with this book, he can make you one, too.

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ISBN-13: 9781940239187
Publisher: Wilderness Adventures Press, Incorporated
Publication date: 10/01/2018
Pages: 146
Sales rank: 590,023
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About the Author

Wherever wingshooters and bird dog people get together, and the talk turns to the things they read and the writers they respect, the name Steve Smith is one of the first mentioned. As an editor, he is one of the two longest-serving, continuous outdoor editors in history — thirty-eight years and counting, currently the editor of The Pointing Dog Journal and The Retriever Journal. In his career as a writer, he has written hundreds of magazine articles, and America’s Bird is his twenty-first book. As a publishing executive, Smith has launched eleven magazines, including the prestigious Shooting Sportsman and Wildfowl; started two book-publishing houses; and been responsible for a division of a company that produces thirty-six magazine titles as well as hardcover books.

Table of Contents

Dedication 1

Foreword 3

Introduction 5

Tools 9

Dogs for Pheasants 11

Guns and Shooting 23

Flushing Dog Shots 24

Pointing Dog Shots 26

Hits on Pheasants 29

Techniques 31

Small Party Hunting 33

Large Group Hunting 39

Go It Alone? 43

Grassland Pheasants 47

Quail Hunting for Pheasants 53

Pheasant Foolery 55

Photos 59

Travel 67

Go Early? Go Late? 69

Going Early 70

Going Late 71

The Birds 74

The Shooting 74

The Dog 75

The Strategy 75

The Upside 76

Good Years, Bad Years 77

Choosing the Right Partners 81

Go Prepared 87

Pay to Play 91

Local Shooting Preserves 93

Prairie Pheasant Lodges 99

The Pinnacle 109

Etcetera 115

The Aging Pheasant Hunter 117

The Future 123

Pheasant Recipes 125

Orange-Simmered Pheasant 126

Pheasant Asparagus 127

Pheasant Francaise with Fettuccini 128

Pheasant with Saffron Risotto 129

Pheasant with Shiitake Mushrooms and Garlic 130

Deboning a Game Bird 131

A Pheasant Hunt 133

Acknowledgements 137

Index 139

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