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America's Greatest Hits, Vol. 5: 1954

America's Greatest Hits, Vol. 5: 1954


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Acrobat's fifth volume of America's Greatest Hits, spotlights 1954 with 25 songs by the original artists. Along with favorites by Tony Bennett, Perry Como, Frank Sinatra, Patti Page and the Crew Cuts, are lesser heard oldies by Tony Martin, Don Cornell, and Frank Weir. Those who appreciate this era of pop music should find this a welcome addition to their collection at a decent price.

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Release Date: 07/08/2016
Label: Acrobat
UPC: 0824046709921
catalogNumber: 7099
Rank: 109458


Disc 1

  1. Oh My Papa
  2. Rags to Riches
  3. That's Amore
  4. Ricochet
  5. Changing Partners
  6. Stranger in Paradise
  7. Oh Mein Papa
  8. Stranger in Paradise
  9. Woman (UH-HUH)
  10. Chaning Partners
  11. The Jones Boy
  12. The Gang That Sang "Heart of My Heart"
  13. Stranger in Paradise
  14. Secret Love
  15. What It Was, Was Football, Pts. 1-2
  16. Granada
  17. The Creep
  18. The Strings of My Heart
  19. Bell Bottom Blues
  20. Till Then
  21. Till We Two Are One
  22. Make Love to Me!
  23. I Get So Lonely (When I Dream About You)
  24. From the Vine Came the Grape
  25. Young-at-Heart
  26. Somebod Bad Stole De Wedding Bell

Disc 2

  1. Darktown Strutters'
  2. From the Vine Came the Grape
  3. Time Will Tell
  4. Cross Over the Bridge
  5. Wanted
  6. Answer Me, My Love
  7. There'll Be No Teardrops Tonight
  8. Gee
  9. Here
  10. A Girl, a Girl (Zoom-Ba Di Alli Nella)
  11. The Man With the Nanjo
  12. Anema E Core (With All My Heart and Soul)
  13. Cuddle Me
  14. I Really Don't Want to Know
  15. The Man Upstairs
  16. Little Things Mean a Lot
  17. Poor Butterfly
  18. Jilted
  19. If You Love Me (Really Love Me)
  20. Happy Wanderer
  21. Isle of Capri
  22. Three Coins in the Fountain
  23. Hernando's Hideaway
  24. Green Years
  25. I Understand (Just How You Feel)
  26. Three Coins in the Fountain
  27. I Understand (Just How You Feel)
  28. Sugar Lump

Disc 3

  1. The Happy Wanderer (Val-De Ri, Val De Ra)
  2. Crazy 'Bout You Baby
  3. Steam Heat
  4. Thank You for Calling
  5. My Friend
  6. Point of Order
  7. The Little Shoemaker
  8. Some Day
  9. Sh-Boom
  10. Sh-Boom
  11. Goodnight, Sweetheart, Goodnight
  12. In the Chapel in the Moonlight
  13. Take Everything But You
  14. Hey, There
  15. The Little Shoemaker
  16. I'm a Fool to Care
  17. Joey
  18. The High and the Mighty
  19. Cinnamon Sinner
  20. I Cried
  21. The High and the Mighty
  22. Dream
  23. The High and the Mighty
  24. What a Dream
  25. This Ole House
  26. Italian Hucklebuck
  27. They Were Doin' the Mambo
  28. Skokiaan (South African Song)

Disc 4

  1. Hey, There
  2. Skokiaan
  3. Smile
  4. Sway (Quien Sera)
  5. Shake, Rattle and Roll
  6. If I Give My Heart to You
  7. I Need You Now
  8. Smile
  9. Hold My Hand
  10. If I Give My Heart to You
  11. If I Give My Heart to You
  12. Oop Shoop
  13. Cara Mia
  14. Papa Loves Mambo
  15. The Things I Didn't Do
  16. Whither Thou Goest
  17. Teach Me Tonight
  18. Mister Sandman
  19. Hajji Baba (Persian Lament)
  20. Muskrat Ramble
  21. Mambo Italiano
  22. The Mama Doll Song
  23. Mister Sandman
  24. It's a Woman's World
  25. Count Your Blessings
  26. I Need Your Lovin' (Bazoom)
  27. Let Me Go, Lover
  28. (There's No Place Like) Home for the Holidays

Album Credits

Technical Credits

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