America's Lawless Court

America's Lawless Court

by Jay Engleman


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My name is Jay Engelman and I have an astonishing true story to tell. This tale would seem unbelievable for most people in the United States. I'm not going to force you to believe it but as the plot of the story still continues today, I hope I can get your attention.

I was born and raised in the slums of East Bronx, New York City during the Great Depression. My father was a taxi driver while my mother stayed at home to take care of the family. We had little money for food, clothing, and other expenses. Yes, it was a hard life, but we survived the ordeals of poverty.

When I entered grade school, I have already worked to earn some extra money. I shine shoes, sell magazines, deliver groceries, and fix things that I usually find in the dumpsters and junkyards around the neighborhood I lived in.

In high school, I have delivered laundry to celebrities like Tommy Dorsey, Ted Lewis, Les Brown, and Bob Hope. I have also fixed radios brought by different people. During the summer break, I applied as a counselor at kid camps, a busboy at resort hotels, and I hitchhiked my way around Canada. More importantly, I was elected president of the senior class at Samuel Gompers Vocational High School.

After two short stints in the military, I ended up with a diploma from the US Army Signal Corps Radar School in Fort Monmouth, New Jersey. That diploma, along with my hobby related to electronics and an Amateur Radio license (HAM), launched my lifetime career in many technical corporations.

Using the G.I. Bill and after attending various colleges while doing part-time jobs on the side, I have finally earned my electrical engineering degree from the College of Advanced Science in Canaan, New Hampshire at the age of 35. After graduation, the college hired me to teach Math and Electronics. During sabbaticals, I usually travel and go camping to Europe, Mexico, and Japan.

After enjoying my life and career, I have retired to Beltsville, Maryland. It's a small town situated just outside Washington, D.C. The place is close to great museums and institutes of learning; I love it. Now, I'm hoping people will enjoy reading my book as much as I did while writing it.

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