Amish Brides of Willow Creek: Sibling Rivalry: Book One

Amish Brides of Willow Creek: Sibling Rivalry: Book One

by Samantha Jillian Bayarr



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Amish Brides of Willow Creek: Sibling Rivalry: Book One by Samantha Jillian Bayarr

Bethany and Levinia Miller have always been rival sisters. When they discover a handsome Englischer barely conscious on the bank of Willow Creek, rivalry comes out in its ugliest form as they argue over who will get to care for him. Despite knowing their father would never approve of their actions, they decide to stow away the Englischer in the loft above their barn.
While they compete for his attention, it becomes evident that the Englischer has a few secrets of his own.
While Nate recovers, he finds himself getting lost in the care of these two young Amish women, leaving him wondering if he might want to stay. But when another woman shows up looking for him, things become more complicated than any of them could have possibly anticipated.

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ISBN-13: 9780692244302
Publisher: Livingston Hall Publishers, LLC
Publication date: 06/04/2014
Pages: 226
Product dimensions: 5.25(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.48(d)

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Amish Brides of Willow Creek: Sibling Rivalry: Book One 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Diana0 More than 1 year ago
Amish Brides of Willow Creek: Sibling Rivalry: Willow Creek Novella: Book One By: Samantha Jillian Bayarr I think I have read about every book Samantha has written. Jacob's Daughter series was like a number one series to me. In reading Amish Brides of Willow Creek this series is going to go to the top. I love the characters. Each one is well written and a character you are going to love or dislike but love in the end. Just like in our lives story of two sisters Bethany and Levinia who always wants what the other has. The two come upon a man laying on the edge of Willow creek. Not knowing if he is alive or dead. Levinia wants to check him out but Bethany wants to run to get their father. Levinia gets her to help to help him and put him in the barn to care for him. Nate begins to have feelings for one of these sisters. Which sister is it? Who's heart will he win? Wait there is a unexpected woman shows up looking for him? What does she have to do with Nate? Well all I can say is get this book and find out the answers to all these questions and more. I give this book 5 stars. Looking forward to book 2 Second Chances.
Read-4-Fun More than 1 year ago
Once again, Samantha Jillian Bayarr delivers with a gripping, heart wrenching saga of jealousy, heart ache, humor, anger, love & forgiveness in the rawest form. Two Amish sisters and sibling rivalry of the worst kind, the same man! As plain ol’ Levina vies with her beautiful sister, Bethany, for Nate’s attention, like a whirlwind, Miriam appears, shattering Levina’s life, once again.  As Levina suffers through travesty and more heartache than she can possibly bear, does she have the strength to hold on to her dreams of love and life with a family of her own?  Will her faith to wait on GOD’s timing, knowing he will bring her the desires of her heart, be enough?  True to previous writings, Bayarr’s  Novella is a good clean read, great for any age.