AmonRa: God of Kings, King of Gods

AmonRa: God of Kings, King of Gods

by Horus Michael


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In AmonRa: God of Kings, King of Gods:

"An Ancient Irish Prophecy,
A Mysterious Egyptian Amulet,
and the Epic Battle of Light vs. Darkness is in this short Fantasy Novel by Author, Horus Michael.

Copyright (c) Horus Michael 2015, All rights reserved.


AmonRa: God of Kings, King of Gods: (Excerpt):

"What would you like me to do?" I asked.
"I am the Grandmaster of the Golden Cross. My name is Sir Anu. I am to instruct you in the Ways of Amon-Ka-Do, the Spiritual Martial Arts of Ancient Egypt. All that I request of you is your cooperation, willpower and patience. We will be going after the most-vile of advanced society. The Army of Apophis is not some mere, simpleton of a terrorist organization. No, no... They are the equivalent of Carthage attacking Rome, the Hittite Empire versus Egypt, or America and the USSR. Call it what you like, it's epic," Sir Anu replied at length.
"Sir Anu, why did they go after Carmine?" I asked.
"There is something she must tell you, whenever she is ready," he said. Carmine's open mouth paused a moment while looking in my eyes.
"Michael," she started. "When we were younger, you once asked me why my eyes looked Egyptian. This was right before your interest began in Ancient Egyptian History... I have a confession to make."
"Carmine? My interest was because I felt a strong connection to Ancient Egypt, not because of you," I said.

"I know, I realize that... But. I am the reincarnation of Meryt-Aton, the daughter of the heretic-Pharaoh Akhenaton. You were never told this for your safety," she said in stark hesitation.
"Safety?" I asked her. "Why would I need to be safe?"
"You are my half-brother Thutmosis the Fifth. You were the heir of the King. You don't remember this because our family took you away from Egypt and gave you up. You lived in Ireland, and ruled a small Principality there. I know it sounds...crazy. I don't believe it myself. But you have to listen. I know it's hard to. There was this Prophecy that you will return to Ireland and become its High King once the Lance of AmonRa has pierced the head of Apophis," she told me nervously.
"I am a King-Arthur type? Seriously?" I asked in disbelief.
"May I?" she turned to ask Sir Anu.
"Tell him everything," Anu replied in his metallic voice.
"Michael, you were chosen to represent AmonRa just as Archangel Michael slays the Dragon in the Christian religion. Michael this is indeed epic, a war against Evil, and you... You are our Hero, our Chosen One. You might have reservations about this subject, but you were right. Your novels are all about Ancient Egypt and AmonRa, for a good reason... Only an heir of Light can defeat the Darkness and bring back the Good in humanity. You see civilization is crumbling all over the World, and you think you are powerless to stop it? Well, you're not powerless. You have power. The Amulet reacts to this power. This small fact proves who you are!" Carmine said.
I thought a moment. "Is this why the Apophis agents are attracted to me?" I asked.
"Yes. They are threatened by your very presence. It's not because they are blonds or females. It's the Yin-Yang Philosophy. They must be opposites of Good, so the evil energies selected their positions. Michael, stay here and train with the Knights. You can trust them. The Knights told me this as I was staying in the Hospital. I was attacked because they know who I am now. Do this for me," she pleaded.

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