Amputation: Surgical Practice and Patient Management

Amputation: Surgical Practice and Patient Management

by A Bennett-Wilson, G Murdoch


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ISBN-13: 9780750608435
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publication date: 03/28/1996
Pages: 416
Product dimensions: 15.75(w) x 7.87(h) x 1.18(d)

Table of Contents

Introduction and preface (Murdoch and Bennett-Wilson)
General principles of amputation (Murdoch)
Biomechanics and prosthetics (Hughes)
Epidemiology (Ebskov and Ebskov)
Peri-operative care (Jain)
Transtibial amputation (Bowker)
Biomechanics and prosthetic management (Govan)
Skew Flap method of transtibial amputation (Robinson)
Salvage of the knee join (Jain)
The Syme Ankle disarticulation (Jain)
Biomechanics and prosthetic management (Govan)
Partial foot amputations (Baumgartner)
Biomechanical and prosthetic considerations (Condie)
Transfemoral amputation (Gottschalk)
Prosthetic requirements and transfemoral biomechanics (Michael)
Surgical techniques of knee disarticulation and transcondylar femoral amputations (Steen-Jensen)
Biomechanics of the knee disarticulation prosthesis (Lyquist)
Through hip and transiliac amputation (Persson)
Biomechanics of the hip disarticulation prosthesis (Lyquist)
Amputation level assessment (McCollum)
The dilemma: Amputation or vascular reconstruction (Robinson)
Distal by-pass (Holstein)
Amputation following vascular surgery (Jain)
Decision making in limb salvage and
or amputation of the lower limb following trauma (Hunter)
Amputation for tumours (Persson)
The role of rotationplasty (Torode)
Amputations in the growth period including deficiencies present at birth (Neff)
Prosthetic considerations during the growth period (Michael)
The autogenous stump capping procedure (Marquardt)
Amputation in the developing world: The African perspective (Rankin)
Amputation in the developing world: The Indian perspective (Sethi)
The neuropathic foot (Bowker)
Minor amputations after revascularization for gangrene in diabetes (Holstein)
The problem amputation stump (Robinson)
The problem stump: Prosthetic solutions (Govan)
Arm amputations: General principles (Hunter)
The Krukenberg operation (Jain)
The autogenous stump capping procedure (Marquardt)
Partial hand amputation (Omer)
ISPO classification of congenital limb deficiency (Day)
Biomechanics and prosthetics (Dykes)
Prosthetic training (Edelstein)
Rehabilitation: Principles and philosophy (Eisma)
Early walking aids (Marks)
Early management (Ham)
Later management (Edelstein)

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