An Agricultural History Of North Shewa, Ethiopia 1880s- 1935

An Agricultural History Of North Shewa, Ethiopia 1880s- 1935

by Dechasa Abebe Demisie


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North Shewa deteriorated from a big center of political power to impoverished villages of peasants by the beginning of the 20th century. The region was abandoned by the court and by its significant number of population. This was mainly because of unbalanced development between its population and its economy particularly, agricultural productivity. The growth of population and the supplies needed by the kingdom became beyond the economic capacity of north Shewa. Its agricultural productivity could not correspond to the development of its needs. This was because of the factors that crippled the agricultural productivity of north Shewa. Political, social, cultural and geographical factors act up on peasants' farms and that tied-back its development. There were measures taken by the court and peoples of north Shewa to withstand or escape from the prevailing socio-economic problems. Finally north Shewa was marginalized in comparison to other regions in the country. This could be observed from the political and socio-economic status of north Shewans who continue to live in the region.

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