An Airman's Convictions

An Airman's Convictions

by Joshua L Hudgins


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This book is based on actual events that took place while I was serving in the USAF. It covers my thoughts before, during, and after my confinement in Taylor County Jail in Abilene, TX. These poems reflect a United States Air Force Airman who finds himself fighting from within over his personal convictions on how he is living his life. As he becomes entangled in trouble with the military, he is convicted and must deal with the problems that present themselves during his confinement. It goes through different conversations he hears during confinement and daily thoughts that he goes through while undergoing his punishment. It takes you on a journey through his life right before the trouble began during the trouble and right after the trouble ends through poetry. There are stories of love, hope, sadness, hopelessness, and finally happiness. These stories are intriguing and tell the story of a man fighting with his actual convictions that cause his punishment versus his self convictions of how he is handling it all. It follows his outlook on life during this time and how he begins to change from within and the different messages brought forth through this poetry he wrote while in confinement and right after. How does it end for him? Does he change his ways or does he fight against his new thinking process and fall victim to the system again that he is fighting so hard to get out of?

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Publication date: 09/01/2012
Pages: 100
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