An American Family: A Gripping Contemporary Suspense Drama

An American Family: A Gripping Contemporary Suspense Drama

Paperback(First Softcover ed.)

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Isaac Childs has the perfect life—until that life comes crashing down when his wife Ramie vanishes.

Isaac learns that his wife's disappearance is the ninth in a string of similar cases. In the wake of this news, he struggles to cope, to be a good father to his daughter and college-bound son, and to reclaim something of an ordinary life even as he conceals his troubled past.

After the FBI makes an arrest, and his wife is presumed dead, Isaac begins to move on. Yet will his secrets catch up with him? Has he conquered his vices for good? And what of the FBI's theory that the case isn't completely resolved, after all?

Evolved Publishing presents the first book in the "An American Family" series, contemporary suspense thrillers that explore one family's trials and tragedies.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781622530267
Publisher: Evolved Publishing
Publication date: 09/18/2018
Series: American Family , #1
Edition description: First Softcover ed.
Pages: 182
Product dimensions: 6.14(w) x 9.21(h) x 0.42(d)

About the Author

AUTHOR: I'm a professional thrifter, the father of four children, and an avid runner. I was born and raised in Georgia, and spent time in Oklahoma, California, Connecticut, and then Oregon, as an adult. I'm a graduate of Oregon State University and now reside in North Georgia, raising my family, near family. I'm a bit of a free spirit who enjoys working from home, traveling around, looking for treasures to share, and creating worlds that otherwise would not exist. Thrifting and writing are my two passions, and I'm fortunate to be able to do both.

EDITOR: A writer since age six and a professional one since nineteen, my initial editing experience came in the swarms of prose I pumped out into the world, only occasionally into the world of actual magazines, anthologies or e-zines. Soon, as I began selling more regularly, and as publishers took note of my longer works, I began freelance editing. I've edited screenplays, memoirs, novels, children's books and, would you believe it, epic narrative poetry. One of the novels I edited, "Under the Tamarind Tree," was shortlisted among nine others for the 2014 Dundee International Book Prize. A charter member of The Greater Los Angeles Writers Society (GLAWS), I am also the managing editor of the organization's official publication, Literary Landscapes, which features stories, excerpts, articles and poetry (see issues here). In addition, I belong to the editing collective Write For Success, for which I perform manuscript critiques and consultation. As an author, I have published nine novels and almost fifteen short stories.

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An American Family: A Gripping Contemporary Suspense Drama 3.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Xkoqueen More than 1 year ago
In An American Family, the first in a duet series from Jackson Baer, readers are quickly introduced to the seemingly happy Childs family. After tragedy strikes, the family’s façade begins to show its cracks. Mr. Baer paces his character-driven story well as it toggles between the family dealing with their loss and the police hunt for both victims and perpetrator. Isaac and his children each turn to destructive behavior when initially dealing with their loss. Through family support and prayer, they muddle through and eventually resume their lives. When the story seems to be headed toward happy endings for each of the family members, Mr. Baer throws a humdinger of a curveball the creates the conflict for book two in the duet. Mr. Baer has created very realistic characters whose flaws vary in severity, but make them no less empathetic. The family dynamic is quite interesting. It is quite loving and supportive, and it is devoid of any parental judgment, which conveys the message of the relative importance of the issues facing the Childs’ family. I found the FBI investigation story line to be more interesting than the family drama, but unfortunately, the investigation was not the main focus of An American Family. The dramatic twist in the story was both predictable and a bit too fantastic. While I have no issue with the predictability, the nature of the twist was too unbelievable for me. Overall, An American Family was an interesting read that has intrigued me enough that I plan to read the second book in the duet.
CrystalsBookWorld More than 1 year ago
An American Family is a complex story with a whole lot of heart and emotion built around the story. This book had me in a head spin. There was a lot of emotional drama that the characters had to overcome. I got emotionally invested with these characters and the story line felt effortless which is always a winner for me. This is my second book that I have read from the author and I truly enjoyed this book so much. So will I continue to follow the series. Yes! You can bet on it I will.