An American History Lesson and a Wake Up Call for America

An American History Lesson and a Wake Up Call for America

by Jack B. Walters


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These articles and book reports have been written in the hope that readers could believe as I do that the world, including our country, is in great danger for multiple of reasons:

1. The spread of adherents to Islam threaten to engulf all persons of different faiths. They are winning through violence but also just by having more babies than every other culture. The leaders of Europe and America refuse to accept how evil this belief system is and how they have only one agenda-and that is to have dominion over all nations.

2. Our Constitution has been destroyed by the administration of President Obama and the Supreme Court. He does whatever he wants regardless of the Congress. The Court extended the commerce authority to allow the government to force citizens to purchase a service and allowed the corporations to spend anything they want to affect the outcome of elections.

3. We are drowning in debt but continue to add costly programs, making it even worse without making any attempt to reduce the strain. Military adventures continue without end. Government handouts to the so-called needy have created a permanent underclass of people being supported while not required to put forth effort.

4. The government refuses to take the steps needed to become energy efficient, which could be accomplished easily, thereby freeing us from OPEC. For those of you who don't remember, in the '50s, we exported oil.

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An American History Lesson and a Wake Up Call for America 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I asked a friend to write a review. The following is what he wrote. Jack B. Walters Jack Walters doesn't mince words and always gives the reader his honest appraisal on any issue he addresses--without fear of reprisal. Whether the issue is the Islamic radical/militants belief system, same sex marriage and relationships, living out a Christian commitment with honestly and integrity or conservation of God's beautiful landscape here in AZ for our hiking enjoyment; Jack gives us his honest appraisal--whether popular or not--letting the chips fall where they may. This is very refreshing and keeps the reader engaged to say the least and even arguing internally with this author, whether one knows him or not. He gets the wheels turning and pushes the reader to weigh each and every word of this text very carefully--if one is brutally honest. He also encourages all readers to put their beliefs into immediate action for all of our sakes--I'm proud to call him my friend. Finally, this honest broker has been one of the few authors that have kept me (this reader) so engaged that I had to go back and review the book twice! That just doesn't happen for me, except for the Holy Bible which has kept me challenged and engaged daily for the last 40 years. Jack, a retired business manager of many years at the highest level, knows what make people tick and is no respecter of persons for people of any political stripe, seeing us all as children of God which is refreshing indeed! He even throws in some humor with earthiness in regard to his right knee problem and his evolving family and church relationships--for his aging and growing audience in this great country. A true patriot and modern day 'Paul Revere' if you will, he looks at our Nation's political landscape, in regard to leadership or lack of the same and sounds the alarm of the soon to come consequences, ready or not. XXXXXXXXXXXX Kenneth Kolenbrander, Ch (LTC-Ret) US Army