An American Woman in Kuwait

An American Woman in Kuwait

by Stephanie C. Fox


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An American Woman in Kuwait is a travelogue written by an American lawyer who accompanied her husband, a Ph.D. immunologist, to Kuwait. The trip spanned almost six months, during the cooler parts of the year, from November 2004 to May 2005.

Stephanie C. Fox strips away the veneer of modern technology to explore features of the nation not widely known or appreciated by the public worldwide. A major focus of her work is the degree to which the traditions and prejudices of the tribes from which Kuwaitis claim ancestry act to maintain an inferior status for women.

Outwardly, Kuwait appears enlightened with respect to issues of women’s rights. The rigid dress codes and other restrictive laws regulating the behavior of women in Saudi Arabia are absent. Many Kuwaiti women hold prestigious and high profile positions, particularly in academia. Inwardly, many of these same Kuwaiti women live their private lives much as they have for centuries, entirely available to their husbands while at home.

While in Kuwait, the author lived among Kuwaitis, ate traditional foods, mingled with Kuwaitis, studied Kuwaiti history, visited most of its museums, and spent a weekend with her husband at the Wafra Farms Oasis. She was even lucky enough to meet Kuwait’s most famous woman suffragist, Rola A. Al-Dashti, Ph.D., who later became a member of the country’s National Assembly.

The author, armed with a digital camera and a laptop, recorded everything she saw, heard, tasted, smelled, and touched. Keeping a detailed journal of her experiences led to a book full of photographs that catalogues various aspects of Kuwaiti life and history. At the back of the book are a glossary of Arabic words with a bibliography of the books and articles she read while in Kuwait.

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ISBN-13: 9780999639504
Publisher: QueenBeeEdit
Publication date: 11/24/2017
Pages: 536
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.08(d)

About the Author

Stephanie C. Fox, J.D. is a historian, author, and editor. She is a graduate of William Smith College and the University of Connecticut School of Law. She runs an editing service called QueenBeeEdit, which caters to politicians, scientists, and others.

Ms. Fox has written several books on a variety of topics, including the effects of human overpopulation on the environment, Asperger's, and travel to Kuwait and Hawai'i.

Her areas of interest include - but are not limited to - history, herstory, women's studies, biographies, dystopian and science fiction, human overpopulation, ecosystems collapse, law, international relations, the history of chemical weapons use in war, the economic meltdown of 2008, honeybee colony collapse disorder, Asperger's, and cats.

Table of Contents

  1. Finding Out We Were Going
  2. Kuwait’s Brief History – in Brief
  3. Getting There Was Half the Hassle – and Fun
  4. Apartments and Houses in Kuwait
  5. Shopping for Household Goods and Groceries
  6. Tea, Coffee, and Customs
  7. Genius Meals – Dining Out in Kuwait
  8. Laundry – A Comedy of Inconvenience
  9. Let’s All Go to the Mall – Souq Tours
  10. Ghosts, Jinni, and Superstitions
  11. Invisibility Cloaks and Abbeyas
  12. A Day Off From Men
  13. Additional Wives – The OTHER Women
  14. Crime, Victims, and the Kuwaiti Media
  15. Invasion Stories
  16. The Retched Blessings of ZamZam – Having a Pet Cat in Kuwait
  17. Holiday Weekend at the Wafra Farms Oasis
  18. The Museums and Crafts of Kuwait
  19. Kuwait’s Woman Suffrage Movement
  20. Home – Culture Shock All Over Again

Glossary of Arabic Words


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