An Army of Davids: How Markets and Technology Empower the Little Guy to Beat Big Media, Big Government, and Other Goliaths

An Army of Davids: How Markets and Technology Empower the Little Guy to Beat Big Media, Big Government, and Other Goliaths

by Glenn Reynolds
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An Army of Davids: How Markets and Technology Empower the Little Guy to Beat Big Media, Big Government, and Other Goliaths by Glenn Reynolds

There was a time in the not-too-distant past when large companies and powerful governments reigned supreme over the little guy. But new technologies are empowering individuals like never before, and the Davids of the world-the amateur journalists, musicians, and small businessmen and women-are suddenly making a huge economic and social impact.

In Army of Davids, author Glenn Reynolds, the man behind the immensely popular, provides an in-depth, big-picture point-of-view for a world where the small guys matter more and more. Reynolds explores the birth and growth of the individual's surprisingly strong influence in: arts and entertainment, anti-terrorism, nanotech and space research, and much more.

The balance of power between the individual and the organization is finally evening out. And it's high time the Goliaths of the world pay attention, because, as this book proves, an army of Davids is on the rise.


"George Orwell feared that technology would enable dictators to enslave the masses. Glenn Reynolds shows that technology can empower individuals to determine their own futures and to defeat those who would enslave us. This is a book of profound importance-and also a darn good read." -MICHAEL BARONE, senior writer at U.S. News & World Report and author of Hard America, Soft America

"Blogger extraordinaire Glenn Reynolds shows how average Americans can use new technologies to overcome the twin demons of corporate greed and incompetent government. Reynolds is a compelling evangelist for the power of the individual to change our world." -ARIANNA HUFFINGTON, author of Pigs at the Trough and Fanatics and Fools

"A smart, fun tour of a major social and economic trend. From home-brewed beer to blogging, Glenn Reynolds is an engaging, uniquely qualified guide to the do-it-yourself movements transforming business, politics, and media." -VIRGINIA POSTREL, Forbes columnist and author of The Future and its Enemies and The Substance of Style

"A student in her dorm room now commands the resources of a multi-million dollar music recording or movie editing studio of not so many years ago. The tools of creativity have been democratized and the tools of production are not far behind (Karl Marx take note). Glenn Reynolds's beguiling new book tells the insightful story of how an 'army of Davids' is inheriting the Earth, leaving a trail of obsolete business models not to mention cultural, economic, and political institutions in its wake." -RAY KURZWEIL, scientist, inventor, and author of several books including The Singularity is Near

'Must-read,' 'gotta have,' 'culture-changing' . . . I am suspicious of blurbs with such overused plugs. But Glenn Reynolds's An Army of Davids is in fact a must-read new book that you gotta have if you are going to understand the culture-changing forces that are unleashed and at work across the globe. -HUGH HEWITT, syndicated talk radio host and author of Blog and Painting the Map Red

"Glenn Reynolds has written an essential book for understanding how technology and markets are creating a bottom-up shift in power to ordinary people that is changing business, government, and our world. Packed with fresh ideas and adorned with graceful prose, An Army of Davids is a masterpiece." -JOE TRIPPI, author of The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

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ISBN-13: 9781595550545
Publisher: Nelson, Thomas, Inc.
Publication date: 03/07/2006
Pages: 304
Product dimensions: 5.60(w) x 8.24(h) x 1.01(d)

About the Author

Glenn Reynolds, law professor at the University of Tennessee, is known throughout the Internet as one of the premier bloggers on his site A contributing editor to TechCentralStation, Reynolds also blogs for MSNBC at and has had his writings featured in the New York Times, Popular Mechanics, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times,, and Wall Street Journal. Reynolds is the coauthor of Outer Space: Problems of Law and Policy and The Appearance of Impropriety: How the Ethics Wars Have Undermined American Government, Business, and Society.

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An Army of Davids: How Markets and Technology Empower the Little Guy to Beat Big Media, Big Government, and Other Goliaths 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
If you fear you're getting a little behind the times in terms of knowledge of new technological developments, this is a though provoking 'catch up' book. It's not perfect because it loses its coherence after the first half, changing from 'the little guy will rule' to 'here's what the future will look like.' I really think this should be 3 & 1/2 stars, but since it's interesting and I did learn a lot, I'll give the author a break and round upward.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I could find a few areas of disagreement with the author, but that would be nit-picking and I would probably be wrong anyway. Mr. Reynolds demonstrates an impressive range of knowledge on a variety of interesting subjects (blogging, of course, and music, nanotechnology, 'Build-an-outfit'? now that's scary!) and presents them in a manner that is extremely readable. Being in the technology business myself I wasn't sure if I'd really learn much that I didn't already know. I was wrong. I did learn. No doubt I am stating the obvious when I say that the future looks to be very interesting indeed. And as the author states several times, probably for good and for ill. Yes, 'small is the new big'. And don't be too frightened of the 'spooky stuff' (read and discover). Spread the word!