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An Elegant Mind's Handbook

An Elegant Mind's Handbook

by Paula D. Tozier, Paula D Tozer
An Elegant Mind's Handbook

An Elegant Mind's Handbook

by Paula D. Tozier, Paula D Tozer


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Elegance is the natural expression of prosperity, alive within your soul, unfiltered by your mind,waiting to be re-discovered. You were meant to live an elegant life! Author Paula Tozer had experienced a painful divorce, as well as the deaths of 15 friends and family members over a 10 year span in her life. She reached a point where she was left asking herself these questions: Where do I go now? Where is the hope in fighting a battle that never seems to end? That s when she gave up the fight and looked within for direction from her most supportive and dearest friend. The rebuilding started with one basic step . . . You become your own best friend. Through the words of her Constant Traveler, the most honorable, compassionate, and elegant part of her, Paula found the answers that allowed her to rest, recover, and heal. The 52 statements of An Elegant Mind s Handbook are the threshold to an open dialogue with your own Constant Traveler. In this book you will discover the benefits of: Cultivating a friendship with your Constant Traveler; Embracing an Everything Gently mindset; Accessing your personal Wellspring of Inspiration.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780875169095
Publisher: DeVorss & Company
Publication date: 10/20/2020
Pages: 284
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

PAULA D. TOZER is a writer, philosopher, singer/songwriter, creativity coach, competitive speaker, avid hiker and cyclist, and perpetual critter lover. She has released two EP's - Blue Muse (2014) and Cain's Regret (2015). Since achieving a Black Belt in Taekwondo at the age of 42, she has trekked to Machu Picchu, cycled in France, and climbed many of the tallest mountains on the northern end of the Appalachian Trail. She and her husband, Mark, share their home in New Brunswick, Canada with two canine mystics, KC Marie and Benjamin B, as well as feline gurus Clawdia, Joey, and Jerry in New Brunswick, Canada

Table of Contents

Preface xi

Elegance Is 1

Living in the Gap 5

An Elegant Mind 7

1 An Elegant Mind Loves Wide Open 9

2 An Elegant Mind Knows That Freedom from Limitation Is Attainable 13

3 An Elegant Mind Knows It May Forget to Remember Its Elegance from Time to Time 19

4 An Elegant Mind Recognizes Its Connection to the Wellspring of Inspiration 23

5 An Elegant Mind Recognizes the Inherent Dignity of All Living Beings 25

6 An Elegant Mind Does Not Resist Experience 33

7 An Elegant Mind Is Grateful That It Knows More Than It Did Yesterday 37

8 An Elegant Mind Realizes That an Open Heart Lets in More Sunlight 41

9 An Elegant Mind Knows It Is Always the Right Time to Begin Again 45

10 An Elegant Mind Recognizes That to Not Choose Is to Choose Nonetheless 49

11 An Elegant Mind Accepts That Life Is Change 55

12 An Elegant Mind Demonstrates That Kindness Is Natural 63

13 An Elegant Mind Knows That Kindness Is the Key to Lasting Happiness 67

14 An Elegant Mind Offers Peace through Ordinary. Day-to-Day Living 71

15 An Elegant Mind Creates Goals and Objectives 73

16 An Elegant Mind Does Its Best Each Day Without Comparing Itself to Others 79

17 An Elegant Mind Demonstrates Its Freedom by Honoring the Freedom of Others 85

18 An Elegant Mind Sets Its Boundaries by Teaching Others How to Treat It 87

19 An Elegant Mind Expresses Honesty with Regard to Its Endeavors and Accomplishments 97

20 An Elegant Mind Does Not Compete with Others or Desire What Others Have 99

21 An Elegant Mind Endorses That Which Is Truly Helpful 103

22 An Elegant Mind Governs Its Thoughts and Words with Wisdom 107

23 An Elegant Mind Does Not Accept Detours, Because It Is Always Arriving Ill

24 An Elegant Mind Knows That What It Expects, It Asks for and Receives 115

25 An Elegant Mind Practices Letting Go 121

26 An Elegant Mind Does Not Indulge in Self-importance 127

27 An Elegant Mind Holds No Other Accountable for Its Experiences 131

28 An Elegant Mind Honors Its Teachers as the Source of Its Resourcefulness 139

29 An Elegant Mind Realizes That Perception Is Highly Subjective 141

30 An Elegant Mind Is Fore-Giving 145

31 An Elegant Mind Is Grateful 149

32 An Elegant Mind Knows That No Thought Is So Important That It Cannot Be Relinquished 157

33 An Elegant Mind Realizes That Life Is for Living 161

34 An Elegant Mind Appreciates the Prosperity of Others and Celebrates Its Own 165

35 An Elegant Mind Understands That Without the Courage to Fail, It Will Always Fail to Succeed 169

36 An Elegant Mind Realizes That Abundance Is Attracted to Its Welcome 175

37 An Elegant Mind Delights in Good Humor 181

38 An Elegant Mind Realizes That We Always Act in a Manner That Pleases Us 187

39 An Elegant Mind Is Comfortable with Discomfort 199

40 An Elegant Mind Recognizes the Value of What It Is to Be Human 205

41 An Elegant Mind Knows That Everyone Has Suffered Loss 211

42 An Elegant Mind Offers an Opinion Only After Thoughtful Deliberation 215

43 An Elegant Mind Maintains a Tranquil Disposition 219

44 An Elegant Mind Is an Open Mind 223

45 An Elegant Mind Maintains an Attitude of Appreciation Within as Well as Without 227

46 An Elegant Mind Sees the Extraordinary in the Ordinary 233

47 An Elegant Mind Knows That Taking the High Road Leads to the Most Beautiful Vistas 237

48 An Elegant Mind Accepts the Transitions of Life 241

49 An Elegant Mind Beholds the Mirror That Reflects Both the Pleasant and Unpleasant Aspects of Life 245

50 An Elegant Mind Knows That Silence Hears Its Own Voice 249

51 An Elegant Mind Knows That Its Best Life Teaching Is by Living Its Best Life 253

52 An Elegant Mind Knows That True Humility Means Being Honest About Its Weakness 259

Your Elegant Mind 265

Quotes 268

Resources 270

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