An Engineer's Dream

An Engineer's Dream

by bhartur iyengar


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This book deals with the reminiscences of my early life and professional career. My earliest recollection begins with an obscure village where my father was working just before his retirement. I did not attend school while in that village.

My uncle’s initiative took us to Mysore, the capital of Mysore state at that time. I completed my school and college education there. I then joined India’s top institution and did electrical engineering.

Post graduation, I served as a lecturer, design engineer, and plant engineer in several organizations and retired as a general manager in a premier electronics company in India.

I have outlined here the challenges I faced during my preliminary and advanced studies. I have tried to describe the peculiarities in the various jobs I held.

When I call my book An Engineer’s Dream, I do not mean the dreams that portray the images or emotions that occur in one’s sleep. I specifically refer to the aims, aspirations, and ambitions of an individual. These may be explicitly stated or be held confidentially within one’s mind. Every person will surely have some aim (s). It may vary from person to person and from time to time for the same person, depending on the circumstances.

I have analyzed “My dreams” in the preface to this book. The needed requisites for the fulfilment of one’s dreams are Will, Patience, Perseverance, Self-confidence, and Faith. I am happy to state that I have fulfilled my dreams.

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