An Evangelical Looks At The Bible, Church And Politics

An Evangelical Looks At The Bible, Church And Politics

by Bob Moore


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An Evangelical Looks At The Bible, Church And Politics by Bob Moore

The Truth Told about Bible, Religious Right and Politics

It has been the past several years that he has watched how the so called religious right has become an influencing player in the political arena with George W. Bush's candidacy and subsequent administration. Then we begin to hear the religious right wants this and that, and Karl Rove set up teleconferences with the big name televangelists, mega church pastors and others, stroking their egos, playing them for every vote and dollar he could get out of them. The clergy got to meddling where they were out of their league and a smart politician will out fox them every time. When screening the news outlets there was much about how the religious right was attempting to influence legislation in the halls of Congress, succeeding in some instances. This has been a concern of several politicians and clergy with some even insinuating that the administration was getting close to violating the Constitution which stipulates the distinct separation of church and state. There was a lot of hype put out in many news outlets: television, radio, newspapers and the internet about the Evangelical conservatives and fundamentalist power grab and their belief in the Bible as the inerrant word of God saying adamantly that the Bible is without error, with God being the author of every word written therein. This issue of inerrant verses errant is well documented in this book as are the hot political issues concerning the religious right's influence and political agenda. Three interesting chapters also delve into the President and God, the September 2001 terrorist attack and subsequent March 2003 attack (war) against Iraq.

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Publication date: 11/14/2007
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