An Evening at Almack's

An Evening at Almack's

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Receiving an invitation to Almack's, the most exclusive ball in London, is every woman's dream come true. Love and marriage are certain to follow.

From the publisher of the USA TODAY bestselling & #1 Amazon bestselling Timeless Romance Anthology series in Regency Romance, comes An Evening at Almack's. Featuring bestselling authors Sally Britton, Elizabeth Johns, and Sarah M. Eden.

An Evening at Almack's is a Timeless Romance Anthology® book

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BN ID: 2940161205105
Publisher: Mirror Press, LLC
Publication date: 03/19/2019
Series: Timeless Regency Collection Series , #12
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 56,723
File size: 2 MB

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An Evening at Almack's 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
MelissaF 6 months ago
You never know what to expect when getting an anthology. I was pleasantly surprised by this collection and adore the stories. Each was engaging and held my interest. I really liked the first story. I had no idea what was going on at first. I thought, how can these two find their way to each other? Oliver seemed to have no interest in Mattie. But all things work out, but in a unique way. If you like regency romance I am sure you will enjoy this collection of stories. A copy of this book was given to me. All opinions are my own.
Austen-Heyer-fan 7 months ago
An Evening at Almack’s The Heart’s Choice by Sally Britton (4 stars) I loved this story! The depth of knowledge that Oliver and Matilda had of one another’s characters was multi-layered and deep. We get to see their long-standing acquaintance through a series of vignettes, yet their respect, attraction and subsequent love was newly discovered in this story. The father in the story is an important part of the plot. His affliction is a foil that brings out the true character of each of the participants. It was a delight to read this well-crafted and thoughtful only complaint was that it ended far too soon. My Unfair Lady by Elizabeth Johns (3.5 stars) A delightful premise! Before they even meet, we know that these two would suit one another and it’s a fun ride just watching it happen! Their subtle duel of wits leads to grudging respect and then turns, naturally, into admiration. It came to an end too quickly, (dang it!), but that’s the problem with novella’s. Especially with well-crafted ones! (One grammatical issue in chapter 1, but it’s a twisty, tough sentence that could have turned long and involved. I didn’t take any stars off for it.) Six Wishes by Sarah M. Eden (4 stars) Driven by unselfish motives, Felicity and William find love in the midst of past grief and anticipated future grief. A wonderful story with acts of service to Felicity’s dying sister. Like the first story in this collection, she acts as a foil that brings our characters together and shows off their true worth as good, caring people. (Spoiler: I did so want her to be healed by some doctor in London-sigh...) Fun moments of humor and stolen moments of romance woven into the tapestry of this narrative. I can’t get enough of Sarah Eden’s writing! Whenever a new book or novella comes out, I grab it! *poor, **ok, ***good, **** very good, *****something special
amybooksy 8 months ago
An Evening at Almack’s is the twelfth book from the Timeless Regency Collection. It includes three regencies from three different authors: The Heart’s Choice by Sally Britton My Unfair Lady by Elizabeth Johns Six Wishes by Sarah M. Eden I enjoyed every one of these stories, especially Elizabeth Johns’s My Unfair Lady. This book is among one of my favortes from the Timeless Regency Collection. I give it five plus stars. I recommend it. I received this book from the author, but was not required to write a review. This review is 100% my own honest opinion.
mara1108 9 months ago
Whenever a new Timeless Collection comes out I get excited. The theme for this collection is An Evening at Almack's which was an exclusive ball and very hard to get invited to. I liked all three of these stories of love and dancing in a beautiful gown. THE HEART’S CHOICE by Sally Britton--Matilda (Mattie) Rayment has to find a match for her flirty younger sister before the Season ends. Their father's mental faculties are declining and if Society finds out they'd be ostracized. When a childhood friend, Oliver Bolton, the nephew of their steward, comes to call on Beatrice, Mattie tries to keep him away because she has someone else in mind for her sister. This is a case of an older sister who's resigned herself to spinsterhood and running her father's home, who thinks she's knows what's best for her younger sister. Through her plotting to keep Oliver away from spending time with Beatrice, she comes to find out what's best for herself. MY UNFAIR LADY by Elizabeth Johns--Lord Deverell loses a wager and must dance with a number of young women at Almack's ball. Rua Postlethwaite grew up in the country and the town's come together to help her have a Season when she gets a chance to go to London. Aristocrat meets country girl in this fun story. Rua finds out about the bet and plays the country girl for all it's worth. Lord Deverell has never met a young woman quite like Rua Postlethwaite before and it surprised to find himself suddenly caring for her, when he didn't plan on settling down for quite some time. This was a fun story and there are a couple of scenes that are laugh out loud funny. SIX WISHES by Sarah M. Eden--Felicity Bandbury's sister is dying and her goal is to give her sister a Season before she dies, even she can only attend a few events. While in London they run into William Carlisle who grew up on the neighboring property. They haven't seen each other since his parents' death several years ago. Felicity enlists his help in her quest to fulfill Angelina's wish list. This was my favorite of the three stories. Felicity and Angelina were sisters and best friends which I find so sweet. Felicity wants to do this so much for her sister and William is such a dear friend and wants to help. They get four of the wishes accomplished before the Bandbury family has to return to their country home. William finds himself wanting to help with the last two wishes and returns to home he's avoided since his parents died. It's a bittersweet story that shows so much giving, love, unselfishness and healing.
Heidi_Reads 9 months ago
I love the Timeless Regency Collections! Each of the stories has a common element, but they always end up so unique from each other. I love discovering new-to-me authors and always enjoy the stories from my favorites. I felt like these three had great character development and plots that were interesting. I had known about Almack's from other books I've read in the genre, but I learned some new tidbits from this one as well! It is a perfect example of the nuances of the various levels of Society, the ton, and their rules- both known and unspoken. I especially liked Sally Britton's story, with Oliver being drawn to one sister initially but after a deeper look, realizes who would make the better match. Their mutual admiration brings nice chemistry to their relationship, even while they are each working on an agenda that sometimes puts them at odds. My Unfair Lady brings elements of humor as Rua enlivens a group of friends with some borderline antics as she and her friend seek to trick the men after learning she is the subject of a wager. It is an entertaining story but the characters were a bit two-dimensional. Six Wishes by Sarah Eden brought depth with the bittersweet elements of bringing happiness to Felicity's sister and helping William overcome his long held grief for his family. The genuine friendship between Felicity and William develops into something more as they support and encourage each other through their times of emotional hardship. (I received a complimentary copy of the book; all opinions in this review are my own)
TheBookmaiden 10 months ago
I was excited to see this collection because it contained three of my favorite authors in this genre. The actual stories were a little disappointing though. Eden's was the best, though even that was a little disappointing. But a couple of days later, I'm still thinking about her story, and I liked how she developed the story. I also thought the background made the rapid love development make sense. Whereas, I thought Elizabeth Johns went for an unconvincing facsimile of a Heyer heroine, who rather inexplicably went from needlessly and foolishly contrary to tearfully in love... And while Sally Briton's change of heart was a little more logical, it was a pretty crazy change in perspective/love interest over 2-3 days for the hero.
AE2 10 months ago
The Heart's Choice by Sally Britton Matilda is determined to help her younger sister Beatrice make a good match--with a second cousin set to inherit and their father's health declining, Beatrice marrying well is essential for their family. When they cross paths with Oliver Bolton, the nephew of their steward, Matilda is determined to steer him away from Beatrice; while Mattie has always liked Oliver, his modest inheritance isn't enough to keep Beatrice living in the style she's accustomed to. But keeping them apart leads to Mattie spending a lot of time with Oliver--and wishing that he would notice her instead of her sister. (Big sigh.) I loved it. So good. I loved seeing the interactions between Mattie and Oliver and the growing attraction that they weren't even aware of. Very well written. My Unfair Lady by Elizabeth Johns A lost bet means Lord Deverell has to get a country bumpkin vouchers to Almack's. Although he is certain of his ability to make this country miss a success in London society, Dev soon finds there's much more to Rua Postlethwaite than he anticipated. She's different from any lady he's ever met--different enough that this confirmed bachelor starts to rethink his commitment to bachelorhood. This story was a lot of fun. I liked seeing how Rua responded to Deverall, pulling out her most country mannerisms when she realizes he's up to something, and how Deverall fell for her. Six Wishes by Sarah M. Eden Angelina Banbury is dying, and her sister/best friend Felicity is determined to give her a taste of a London season before she dies. In London, Felicity runs into their old friend, William Carlisle, and enlists his help in giving Angelina the experiences she longs for. William, who has avoided his country home ever since the death of his parents, is delighted to help his friends, and when Angelina's Season is cut short, he even finds himself heading for the home he has avoided for years in order to continue to aid the sisters and to see if Felicity might ever think of him as more than just a dear friend. This was the most serious of the books, with illness and death overshadowing it, but it was also really poignant and sweet. There was some fun banter between Felicity and William, which I really enjoyed. This was a really sweet and touching story. Each of these romances was a lot of fun to read. I highly recommend this collection. I received an ARC from the publisher. All opinions are my own.