An Exploration of Truth: A Tapestry of Fact and Fiction

An Exploration of Truth: A Tapestry of Fact and Fiction

by William M. Kaufman


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Have you ever wondered if someone's telling you the truth?

As a licensed psychotherapist, the author's presented daily with stories of peoples' lives, from which he needs to tease out the truth-not just a challenge for counselors and therapists, but for all of us. We're all constantly presented with 'portrayals' of the truth, from news accounts, to media reports, memoirs, the justice system, medical establishment, and daily interactions with friends and strangers. Many of us want the truth to be handed to us, so we do not have to search within for it. Often we don't know how to search within. In each chapter, he presents ways to do that.

In AN EXPLORATION OF TRUTH; A Tapestry of Fact and Fiction, William Kaufman presents an uncommon approach to examining the nature of truth. In his 'dynamic theory of truth', he demonstrates that a deeper understanding of truth exists when we approach it as a process that can never be fixed in any particular dimension.

He warns readers to beware of anybody who endeavors to provide them the truth; that it amounts to giving them directions to the treasure at the end of the rainbow. He challenges readers to seek within themselves to discover truth-and provides them with the means to go about it.

Dr. Kaufman has crafted a unique structure by creating a tapestry that reflects the ways truth laces its way throughout our daily lives: Alternating with chapters that examine each specific area, he weaves a story line that provides examples of, and integrates, those ideas, compelling the reader along.

This book is for readers who are concerned about matters of truth, not as something easily presented to them, but rather as integral to their process of inner growth; people searching for answers and guidance for self-discovery.

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