An Honourable Thief

An Honourable Thief

by Andrew J. Forkes



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ISBN-13: 9780738807607
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
Publication date: 04/28/2000
Pages: 212
Product dimensions: 6.52(w) x 8.54(h) x 0.73(d)

Table of Contents

Chapter 1
Safecracking, A Dangerous Vocation13
An Observation of Justice20
Chapter 2
A Reflection24
Evaluating Thieves25
A Good Thief25
The in Between Thief25
A Bad Thief25
My Very First Score26
The Family27
My First Prison Sentence, the Beginning28
A Change32
The Navy and Me36
Chapter 3
Parris Island42
A Brief Stay in Akron and Then on to Detroit45
Chapter 4
Jackson Prison and the Lady Friend53
Time for Another Change55
Public Enemy #1 and the Gambling Joint57
Safecracking, the Education61
Graduation, My First Safe Score62
Meeting Alice66
Chapter 5
The Green Hornet and Shoot-Outs67
The Irish Connection68
A Lovely Lass to My Rescue72
Working Alone74
Chapter 6
My Alice79
Pictures on the Wall87
Chapter 7
Trying to Enlist88
The Detroit Race Riot of 194389
Trusting and Gullible92
Akron, Ohio--1948, 194995
Chapter 8
Detroit--the Middle 40's107
Returning to 1939--the L.A. Caper110
The Polish Connection114
Escape from Bell Isle117
Chapter 9
Back with the Irish120
An Irish Classic123
Safecracking and Not Getting Caught124
Honest Work and a Jewel Thief125
The Vegas Venture131
Chapter 10
Tears that Wouldn't Fall133
A Rough Transition135
Not a Company Man138
Remembering Tony139
Mountain Slim141
Chapter 11
The Basement Caper144
Deceit, Deception and Despair147
A Supreme Effort for a "Worthy" Goal149
Going for a Million150
Chapter 12
Continuing, Going for a Million156
A Detective's Vengeance159
Chapter 13
Ohio's Torture Chamber, 1918-1924163
Mr. Snow167
Chapter 14
Two More Near-Death Experiences169
The Phone Call172
Chapter 15
The Cut177
Big Sam178
Spike's Proposition180
Cigs and Writing Paper183
Chapter 16
The Event185
My Analogy188
Getting Out190
Chapter 17
My Last Score192
Remembering Mother194
A New and Better Life195
From Thief to Artist197
Moving to Phoenix205
A Few Closing Words206

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