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An Illustrated Guide To Help Adults... Destroy the Planet

An Illustrated Guide To Help Adults... Destroy the Planet

An Illustrated Guide To Help Adults... Destroy the Planet

An Illustrated Guide To Help Adults... Destroy the Planet


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Do you want to help eradicate all forms of life; from land-based animals and fowl to marine creatures, including fish, and of course, all forms of vegetation and trees? Oh! And don't forget that also includes the human race! Ideally, you should want to do as much damage to the environment as you can personally inflict.

If you do, then be encouraged for you are not alone in this endeavour. Our planet is densely populated with people, like yourself, who share your vision, and who wish to make this an uninhabitable, barren, and desolate wasteland in only a few short years.

This is a book with a difference. Aimed at adults only this illustrated guide shows adults exactly what we are doing in destroying our world. Stop it now!

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781912472659
Publisher: Pen & Ink Designs Publishing
Publication date: 07/05/2022
Pages: 30
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.08(d)

About the Author

Lawrence Dracut is the alter ego of Sebastian Stumblebum the children's author. Sebastian wants only to bring happiness and smiles to the faces of his young, and still optimistic readers. Children who still believe that older people know what's best, and who are unaware of the real world that they will ultimately inherit.However, by using the alternative and sometimes darker cynical side of his persona, Lawrence, is free to attempt to make the adults of this planet aware of the frailty of our existence. He can also comment on society, the illusion we call civilization, and the real probability of the extinction of mankind. Lawrence believes that there are still people that want, and need, to know the truth although others may find it upsetting, or may feel personally offended by what they read. However, he believes the existence of our planet and everything on it, is much more important than any individual's hurt feelings.

Cerys Edwards is a brilliant young illustrator who is able to turn her hand to a variety of subjects. She has worked with a number of authors and was recently shortlisted in the / Sainsbury's Father's Day card competition. Cerys loves to create fun and whimsical, colourful artwork that can bring out the true essence of any brand/client in a visually appealing way. Areas she has worked in include creating illustrations for children's books, social media content, merchandise, greetings cards and much more.

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