An Insider's View of a Principal's Life: Eyewitness Narratives from the Neighborhood

An Insider's View of a Principal's Life: Eyewitness Narratives from the Neighborhood


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This book shows our appreciation for the incredible work school leaders perform on a daily basis and it informs all parents who have or had children enrolled in school—public, charter or private—of the many facets that are integral to school leaders responsibilities. Additionally, it is hoped that the book will be of interest and applicable to all educators: teachers, administrators, teacher assistants, and other school personnel, as these stories can and have occurred in various PreK–12 schools in different parts of the United States. Also it is hoped that district leaders, parents, and other school personnel will gain insight into important issues, concerns, and sometimes humorous situations administrators deal with on a daily basis.

The book may also be used as a text in educational leadership classes on both the masters and doctoral levels or in a professional development setting for newly appointed principals. It is always helpful for those entering the field of education to know that they are not alone in handling similar situations. In the classroom setting, professors can use the text to promote discussion among small groups of future administrators. The scenarios can also serve as case studies that will ignite meaningful class discussions and ideas surrounding real issues that can offer alternative interpretations of the many challenges faced by educational administrators in the world of leadership. To that end, suggested discussion questions are presented to spark conversations regarding possible solutions as an addendum. Please note that all stories in the book are real and were told to the authors by public, charter and or private school principals from different parts of the United States. All names, locales and dates have been changed to protect both the principal and the people involved in the stories.

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ISBN-13: 9781098311919
Publisher: BookBaby
Publication date: 09/05/2020
Pages: 174
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.40(d)

About the Author

Dr. Yolanda Ramirez has worked in the field of education for more than twenty-five years. Her experience includes that of family worker, paraprofessional, literacy coach, and assistant principal. The latter part of her work spans more than twelve years as an elementary school principal. She specializes in customized intervention for students who are at risk. Her broader and more extensive expertise, includes creating experiential learning opportunities aligned with New York City and State Standards for all children. Infused with a cross curriculum model, she has strategically planned and provided children who are English Language Learners, economically disadvantaged and those who have special needs, experiences within and outside of New York City limits. Her special interest includes learning from and supporting school leaders who work in schools that are in transition. This also includes school communities that are shifting in culture and climate as a result of gentrification in the surrounding community.Dr. Alice Siegel has been in the field of education for almost fifty years. She has worked as a teacher and as a building and central office administrator on both the elementary and secondary levels. She holds a doctorate in educational leadership and was an associate professor at the Graduate School of Education at The College of New Rochelle. She presently serves a consultant to schools that require literacy improvement and offers professional development to teachers and principals. Additionally, she has presented her work internationally at many conferences from Africa to Europe. She has published thirteen nonfiction books for children aged eight to twelve and co-authored articles on literacy-related issues that have appeared in peer-reviewed professional journals.Dr. Marlene Zakierski is an associate professor and director of the Russell Sage College New York City Educational Leadership Doctoral Program where she teaches, advises, and chairs school leaders' research as they pursue and attain their doctoral degrees. For her research in literacy development and technology, she was awarded a National Science Foundation Grant. Additionally, she served as a professor and director of Literacy and Special Education Graduate Programs at Iona College where she partnered with a neighboring school district to create, develop, and provide a college program to support the development of postsecondary educational opportunities for neurodiverse young men and women. She has authored a num- ber of peer-reviewed journal articles and grants and presented research at many national and international conferences. She served as a teacher, principal, in various central office admin- istrative positions, and as an assistant superintendent during a career that spans more than forty-five years. She continues to spend time in PreK–12 schools as a consultant who provides professional development focused on literacy, coaching,mentoring, and assisting educators to implement thought-pro- voking practices that lead to gains in student achievement.

Table of Contents

Introduction 1

Section 1 The Ever-Exciting Lunchroom 5

Whistle Blowing 9

Ice Cream Anyone? 11

The Sexy Lunchroom Aide 13

Stop the Music! 15

What Happened to the Beef Patties? 17

Caviar Anyone? 19

Pizza on the Menu 20

The Shoulder Touch 22

A Mother's Love 24

Section 2 School Bus Escorts and Glass Trips 27

Introduction 28

The Case of the Missing Hairpiece 30

Escort Challenges 32

Class Trip Disappearing Parent 34

The Case of the Traveling Grandmother 36

The Fifty-Dollar Parent Hostage 38

Section 3 Parent Requests 41

Introduction 42

May We Have a New Teacher, Please? 45

ICT is Not for My Child 48

Student Class Transfer Concerns 51

Sunshine Please 53

The Wrong Sex 54

The End of Homework, Please! 55

Warm Walls 57

The Perfect Children in a Perfect Class 58

Section 4 Perceived Indiscretions, Rumors, Drinks, and Fun Times 61

Introduction 62

Bottoms Up 64

The Mentor Heckler 66

Section 5 Smelly Situations 69

Introduction 70

Poor Hi-Gene 71

Something Stinks 73

I Have to Go 76

Put the Doors Back 79

Time to Potty 80

Section 6 Principal Fears and Unintended Consequences 81

Introduction 82

Watch Your Back 84

Relentless Bloggers 86

Lightning Rod Grandma 88

The Awards that Backfired 90

It Wasn't Me 92

The Vacationing Teacher 94

Assembly Nightmare 96

Hindsight Is Twenty-Twenty Vision 99

New Class Teacher Woes 101

Section 7 Professional Situations, All Things Said and Done! 103

Introduction 104

Tone Is Everything 107

Finger Snap Attack 109

Prepping for Breakfast? 111

I Belong in Kindergarten! 112

The Garbage Can 114

Parent Blindsided 116

Section 8 Student Pick-up and Drop off 117

Introduction 118

Child Care at Seven in the Morning 121

A Big Shopping Event! 123

Thanksgiving Pies 126

Dismissal Nightmare 128

Runaway Child 131

Section 9 Shaky Ground and Good Deeds 133

Introduction 134

Closure 135

Camouflage 138

Unhinged and Rattled 140

Teacher's Mother Taking Charge 141

Best-Laid Plans 143

Dancing at School 145

Stage Mother 147

Where's Max? 149

Who Is in Charge? 152

Section 10 Closing Thoughts 153

Introduction 154

Addendum: Discussion Questions 157

Meet the Authors 158

Meet the Artists 161

References 163

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