An Introduction to Children with Language Disorders / Edition 2

An Introduction to Children with Language Disorders / Edition 2

by Vicki A. Reed
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Allyn & Bacon, Inc.


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An Introduction to Children with Language Disorders / Edition 2

Provides an excellent overview of language disorders in a wide range of children. Childhood language disorders and populations, language disorder assessment and intervention. Anyone seeking an unsurpassed and current introduction to language disorders in children.

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ISBN-13: 9780023991509
Publisher: Allyn & Bacon, Inc.
Publication date: 11/18/1993
Edition description: Older Edition
Pages: 526
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Table of Contents

Each chapter concludes with “Summary.”

I. ASPECTS OF NORMAL LANGUAGE AND COMMUNICATION 1. Language and Human Communication: An Overview (Vicki A. Reed and Elise Baker).


Components of Language.

Comprehension and Production.

Communication Modes.

Biological, Cognitive and Social Bases of Human Communication. 2. Normal Language Development: A Review (Vicki A. Reed and Elise Baker).

The Prelinguistic Period: The First 12 Months.

The First Word Period.

The Period of Two-Word Utterances.

The Preschool Years and Beyond.

Language, Literacy, and Education.

II. CHILDREN WITH LANGUAGE DISORDERS. 3. Toddlers and Preschoolers with Specific Language Impairment.

Identification of Children with Language Impairment.

An Overview of Specific Language Impairment.

Language Characteristics of Children with Specific Language Impairment.

Implications for Intervention. 4. Language and Children with Learning Disabilities (Steven H. Long).

An Overview of Children with Learning Disabilities.

Linguistic Issues Relevant to Learning Disability.

Communication Problems in Children with Learning Disabilities.

Implications for Intervention. 5. Adolescents With Language Impairment.

A Neglected Group with Significant Problems.

Language Development.

Characteristics of Language-Disordered Adolescents.


Intervention. 6. Language and Children with Intellectual Disabilities (Steven H. Long).

An Overview of Intellectual Disabilities.

The Delay-Difference Controversy.

Language Characteristics of Children with Intellectual Disabilities.

Language Characteristics of Children with Down Syndrome.

Implications forIntervention. 7. Language and Children With Autism (Steven H. Long).

An Overview of Children with Autism.

Communication in Children with Autism.

Implications for Intervention. 8. Language and Children With Auditory Impairments (Kerrie Lee).

Overview of Hearing Loss.

Language of Children with Differing Degrees of Hearing Loss and Intervention Implications.

Central Auditory Processing Disorders (CAPD).

Auditory Neuropathy. 9. Language and Linguistically-Culturally Diverse Children (Steven H. Long).

Concepts of Cultural Diversity.

Concepts of Linguistic Variation.

Concepts of Second Language Learning.

Language Characteristics of Linguistically-Culturally Diverse Children.

The Influence of Poverty.

Issues in Assessment.

Implications for Intervention. 10. Children With Acquired Language Disorders (Steven H. Long).

An Overview of Acquired Childhood Aphasia.

Language Development and Language Recovery.

Language Characteristics of Children with Acquired Aphasia.

Academic Achievement.

Differences Between Developmental and Acquired Language Disorders in Children.

Implications for Assessment and Intervention. 11. Language and Other Special Populations of Children (Steven H. Long).

Language and Gifted Children.

Language and Children with Visual Impairment.

Language and Children with Neuromotor Impairment.

Language and Children with Cleft Palate.

III. LANGUAGE INTERVENTION. 12. Language and Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) (Susan Balandin).

What is AAC?

Children Who Benefit from AAC.

Does AAC Prevent Speech Developing?

AAC Assessment.

Facilitated Communication. 13. Assessment.

Approaches to and Objectives of the Assessment Process.

Tools and Procedures.

Intelligence Testing. 14. Considerations for Language Intervention.

Considerations in Intervention.

Highlighting Intervention Targets.

Procedures and Techniques to Facilitate Learning of Language Targets.

Approaches to Intervention.

Putting it Together. References.
Author Index.
Subject Index.

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