An Introduction to Geological Structures and Maps

An Introduction to Geological Structures and Maps

Paperback(Older Edition)



'An Introduction to Geological Structures and Maps' is a concise text that leads the student by easy stages from the simplest ideas on geological structures right through a first on geological mapping. The approach Dr Bennsion adopts is designed to help students working with little or no supervision: each new topic is simply explained and illustrated by text figures, and exercises are set on succeeding maps. If the students are unable to complete the problems, they should read on to obtain more specific instructions on how the theory may be used to solve the problem in question.

A considerably enlarged sixth edition includes more exercises to make the progression from the simplest to the most advanced maps even more gradual. New material further reinforces concepts already introduced and an entirely new chapter on planetary geology shows how geological relationships observed in the terrestrial environment can be used to interpret geological information obtained from elsewhere in the solar system.

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ISBN-13: 9780340692400
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publication date: 09/15/1997
Series: A Hodder Arnold Publication Series
Edition description: Older Edition
Pages: 144
Product dimensions: 7.10(w) x 9.50(h) x 0.30(d)

About the Author

Dr. George M. Bennison, Chartered Geologist, formerly Senior Lecturer in Geology, University of Birmingham, UK

Dr. Paul A. Olver, Chartered Geologist, formerly Lifelong Learning Development Officer, Herefordshire Council, UK

Dr Keith A. Moseley, Head of Physics and Geology, Monmouth School, UK

Table of Contents

1 Horizontal and dipping strata.- Contours, section drawing, vertical exaggeration; Dip, structure contours, construction of structure contours, section drawing; True and apparent dip; Calculation of thickness of a bed, vertical and true thickness; Width of outcrop; Inliers and outliers..- 2 ’Three-point’ problems.- Construction of structure contours; Insertion of outcrops; Depth in boreholes..- 3 Unconformities.- Overstep; Overlap; Sub-unconformity outcrops..- 4 Folding.- Anticlines and synclines; Asymmetrical folds, overfolds and isoclinal folds; Similar and concentric folding; Two possible directions of strike..- 5 Faults.- Normal and reversed faults; The effects of faulting on outcrops; Classification of faults, dip-slip, strike-slip and oblique-slip faults; Dip faults and strike faults; Calculation of the throw of a fault; Wrench or tear faults; Pre- and post-unconformity faulting; Structural inliers and outliers; Posthumous faulting; Isopachytes..- 6 More folds and faulted folds.- Plunging folds, calculation of the amount of plunge; The effect of faulting on fold structures; Displacement of folds by strike-slip (wrench) faults, calculation of strike-slip displacement; Faults parallel to the limbs of a fold; Sub-surface structures; Posthumous folding; Polyphase folding; Bed isopachytes..- 7 Complex structures.- Nappes; Thrust faults; Axial plane cleavage..- 8 Igneous rocks.- Concordant intrusions, sills; Lava flows and tuffs; Discordant intrusions, dykes, ring- dykes, cone-sheets, stocks, bosses and batholiths, volcanic necks..- Description of a geological map; Geological history of Map 28..- Numerical answers.

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