An Introduction to Geometry Upon the Analytical Plan

An Introduction to Geometry Upon the Analytical Plan

by F. H. Loud



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An Introduction to Geometry Upon the Analytical Plan by F. H. Loud

The railroad and the telegraph enable us to live longer in a single year than, a generation since, we lived in ten, if we measure life, not by years, but by what is accomplished in those years. Since education must not only keep pace with the growth of our industries, but must give them intelligent direction by keeping in advance of them, our schools aim to give our pupils a much wider range of intellectual activity than ever before. This fact has already compelled many to recognize the vital importance of having text-books that are clear, compact, and comprehensive. Prof. Loud has addressed himself to the difficult task of preparing a work embracing these three essential characteristics with singular success.

The analytical portions of the subject are treated with admirable clearness and brevity, while the concrete problems evince excellent judgment in their selection.

The name of this little book may mislead some. In no sense can this work be regarded as a substitute for elementary geometry. As a supplement to that branch of mathematics it has no equal. As an introduction to the study of analytical geometry this book can hardly be commended too highly. It fills the gap between synthetic and analytic geometry by discussing precisely those principles, a knowledge of which makes the transition from the geometry of Euclid to the geometry of Descartes natural and easy.

-The Western, Vol. 6

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